Sunday, August 12, 2018


Nap Time

oil on heavyweight canvas, 18x18"


  1. What a what a beautiful painting, Suzanne !!! He's adorable and the blanket is absolutely amazing!!!! I hope you're well...always wonderful seeing your work!!!

  2. I love when your work pops up in my feed. This one is simply precious. I love that you chose red! I love the folds... the little fingers sticking out... peaceful little face... Nice job!

  3. Suzanne, I am enthralled with this precious painting of this little boy. Everything about it is fabulous from the unique composition to the sumptuous red blanket he is cuddling with. This is the gift of a lifetime for this happy and thrilled mother. I envy her. What a wonderful use of that great talent you possess.

  4. Such a lovely painting..she will cherish it I am sure x

  5. So perfect, you have an unique gift, love all your paintings but this one is so special.


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