Tuesday, June 9, 2015


30x30" oil on heavyweight canvas

Still working on this, there's a lot that needs to be done but I'm getting a bit bored and I don't want to ruin it because I've lost interest, for the time being anyway. These are the clams that I snapped while rinsing them in the sink a few weeks ago.

Why "Steemas" instead of Steamers? I'm from New York. Long Island to be exact and our accent is very distinct. If you've ever seen the Long Island Medium on TLC you get it. Although admittedly, I have tried to cover it up for years. Imagine my surprise when my college bud and I visited her family in CT back in the day and the way I spoke was the topic of the weekend! Ouch! Who knew?

Anyway, I have been fortunate enough to have enjoyed working happily away on this for the last 2 weeks, however today it was a struggle getting in there so methinks it's time for a fresh canvas. The distinct semi-circle lines need blending and there's lots of highlight work to do but I thought I'd post it today for the Naked Artists challenge and finish it up when the mood strikes.

The great thing about this subject matter is that painting each distinct line and ridge would send me screaming into the night so I was forced to suggest instead of render and it was quite different from how I usually work. It's still pretty tight but that's me and I'm finally getting around to accepting that.
And appreciating it!

Off to celebrate! Today is our 21st wedding anniversary! Together on this plane for 23 incredible, joyful years! I can't wait to see what comes next. Happy Anniversary Berry! You are so cool.

And my apologies for not thanking those who stopped by and were kind enough to leave comments for my last post. Decidedly not cool! I so appreciate you stopping by, I can never say it enough...it means so much!

Happy creating and I hope everyone is enjoying the summer. Would be nice if it got warmer here though! Oh well, at least there's no snow to shovel!