Tuesday, October 27, 2009


graphite on paper

I just opened this scan and yawned. Hope that's a good thing.

I'm feelin' good, got five paintings in the works at varying stages. The pups are wailin'. I'm off.

Nite! Nite!
11" x 14" (28.0cm x 35.6cm)
pencil on paper
$75 plus $12.5 shipping and handling in the US
E-mail me for International shipping rates or other inquiries.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


pencil on paper

I'm down to posting once a week if I'm lucky! Himself has been ill and hasn't finished his painting so I lied again. We didn't post side by side yet, I cut him some slack. Until the end of the month. I haven't finished mine either. Can't use the pups as an excuse, work must go on. Just gotta be more disciplined....again.

I want to post at least five days a week. Yeah...I know... I've said that before.

Sunday, October 18, 2009



It's been one whole week of puppy love and each time I look at them my heart just melts. It's a strange feeling though, as Devlin is never far from my thoughts. I no longer feel like I'm being unfaithful to his memory, but I think of him and our relationship every single day.

That said, these two little cartoon characters, two little muppets, whose thinly veiled Ewok disguise hasn't got me fooled one bit by the way, have taken over our home and hearts completely. We happily surrendered, after very little fighting, to their every wish. I've tried, countless times, to set eyes on them, without experiencing an intense and sudden need to express a loud, heartfelt, and very gushy AWWWWWW!

If anything could take our minds off of missing Devlin without making the inevitable comparisons, it's these two. They appear to have come from central casting, two characters straight out of a Disney cartoon, with hastily planned sequels no less. When I'm trying to get some work done and I hear their little squeaks, or look to the left of my foot by my easel and see those two sets of saucer eyes set precariously far apart upon a snout that seems to have met head on, full speed with an unforgiving wall, the thought of limping (I twisted my knee by simply walking...hello) downstairs out into the cold rain to let them relieve themselves is pure heaven. Of course it's not nearly that simple, but it sure feels that way. And now, a very deep felt, happy, love-filled heavy sigh!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


That was a quick month! This month the topic of our challenge is water. My first chance to choose. I had so many ideas, water is pretty universal, but when I sat my huge honking bottle of H2O on my painting ledge and saw the sun shine through it, the choice was made for me. I thought if I carried around a gallon plus bottle, I'd drink my quota for the day. All that resulted in was a collection of half-finished gallons of warm water with lots of backwash. I'm back to smaller ones. Here they are!

Water Bottle
oil on canvas

20" x 16" (50.8cm x 40.7cm)
oil on canvas
$350 plus $15.95 shipping and handling in the US
E-mail me for International shipping rates or other inquiries.

Fish Tale oil on hardboard 8x6"
© 2009 Diana Moses Botkin

Sprinkler Park
11x6" oil on linen
© 2009 Robin Cheers

Ocean Waves
oil on canvas 18x24"
Marie Fox

Half Full
8x8" oil on board
Michael Naples

Cool, Cool Water
8x8" oil on panel
© 2009 Vicki Ross

Sunday, October 11, 2009


These two were done some time ago, but have recently been purchased, so I did a little freshening up on them before shipping. Thank you so much for the tips on Liquin and the use of alternate support surfaces. When I say I know very little about oil painting, it's not false modesty. I know the salad dressing would have been so much easier to do if I'd done some investigating instead of diving right in. Oh well, nothing like on the job training and the generosity of my fellow artists.

The pups are simply amazing! Their names change every hour. I think Taz, formerly Little Richard, aka Dignon, has finally gotten the hint that my earlobe is not going to express mother's milk. I spent two weeks listening to Cesar Milan's book while working, I've downloaded all manner of instructions on being a strong pack leader and was determined to do it right this time. However, it didn't take long before I surrendered to the little tykes completely. They're crawling on our heads, nibbling on our fingers and are already spending far too much time in bed with us. Devlin ran the house and was kind enough to let us stay, provided we paid the mortgage. Seems like old times and we couldn't be happier.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


These are now my favorite photos on the planet! Well these and any others we take from this point on. We picked the critters up this morning! We are now parental units again! We were playing on with them on the bed after lunch and a potty run. I set up the camera as they were literally attacking Tim's face with kisses. These shots are the result. It took about five minutes for the three of them to fall asleep. And Devlin is present and accounted for, in the form of Arfrod, under himself's hand.

We just keep looking at them. They're just too cute to comprehend and I just cannot stop smiling.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


oil on linen

Oh my did I have a time with this commission! Great story behind it but I'm not sure I'm at liberty to share. I hate when people say that. Anyway, I searched high and low for a nice smooth,small linen surface and ended up with nubblies and imperfections everywhere. The lettering has been the bain of my existence for weeks now. Plus the drying time was ridiculous!

Lessons learned: patiently look for the right support, use acrylic or add something to the oil to make it dry faster when doing a job with lettering. Arrrrgh!

Also, I was so busy working on our challenge here at home, I thought I had weeks until the next Moses Botkin Challenge. Not!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


oil on canvas
in progress

This is as far as I can take it without some drying time involved. This is a great experience, sharing progress of the painting with himself, coupled with his own interpretation of the same image, the house is fairly alive with creativity! There's also the buzz of new babies bouncin' off the walls. I've been working upstairs for awhile, but will have to move downstairs so the I can keep their schedule solid which will speed up their potty training. So excited!

Thank you to all those who weighed in on Pink Curlers progress! Your words are very much appreciated and inspiring. I had a comment on Lemon Thru a Drinking Glass and it made me think. The comment stated that ..."I have so much trouble with glass...." So do I actually, at least when I think of what I'm painting as what it actually is, I bump up against my very own predetermined, self-inflicted limits which are, on the whole, completely untrue. I didn't paint glass. I painted a series of tonal values of varying temperatures arranged in a predetermined pattern by a light source or more simply stated, I painted what's behind the glass and then painted a lighter value of the that color coupled with with the bright highlights and tints of the glass itself. I think. You get my point.

I just stubbed my toe on the folds of the coat this morning. I always have such a hard time with folds, I thought. No, actually I don't. Not when I break them down to large shapes and then pick out some of the smaller shapes, paying careful attention to angles and temperature.

Himself is starting his canvas today! This is going to be fun! October 20th, I'll be posting both side by side. No pressure Northport!

Friday, October 2, 2009



As I worked on our challenge today, the challenge himself and I set that is, Tim would step in when I took a break and take some snaps of my progress. Of course there was the usual, "Stop now! I'll buy it!" and " Leave the jacket unfinished, with the chalk line showing!" All good suggestions, but alas, his is due the 20th so he'll have an opportunity to do just that on his canvas. Still, he's got a point. I'm deeply moved by unfinished art and yet always feel I need to make neat, make nice. But perhaps in time that will come. I can see my style changing with each new painting.

I'm feeling free again. I suddenly realize I don't have to stop painting the paper studies altogether, I can simply wait until I'm moved to do so again. Same with the bugs. I can have casual relationships with my subject matter, don't have to marry and then divorce them.

My reference for this painting comes from a photo album I've had around the house for years. A friend, who I've since lost touch with, wanted me to do some paintings from some of his shots, mostly taken around NYC. He had an incredible eye and finding this album was like finding buried treasure. I hope to do many more from this book of gems, I'd forgotten he'd never taken it back.

It's going well and I might be done by Monday. We'll see. I thought I'd wait and post with Tim's but I'll probably do some work on it between now and then and re-post. I like the way he's grouped the shots, they make a nice graphic I think.


Thursday, October 1, 2009


20" x 20" (50.8cm x 50.8cm)
oil on linen
$450 plus $29.95 shipping and handling in the US
E-mail me for International shipping rates or other inquiries.

It's not done, but I'm impatient, again. I'll let it dry for a bit and then see. I had put it away for a while and saw it yesterday and thought, take it out, see what happens. Himself thinks it works. Of course the voice doesn't. Whatever. I'm painting again. It feels great.

It's been a wonderful day. Birthday Boy has a few days off and it's time to laugh!
The Puppy Fairy is probably somewhere over Europe right now.