Wednesday, May 15, 2013


12x16" oil on linen

Remember when you planned to study for a test and you blew it off until it was too late but told yourself... I got this! Well clearly, I ain't got this. I so should have started last week, I so could have had fun with this. But, I can go back to it when everything dries.

In case it's not obvious, this months' challenge subject was "rodents", chosen by group leader Diana. A fun one I think. These "mice" reside on one of my end tables, standing watch over a framed photo of Tim and I. I saw them in a Pottery Barn catalog as decoration for Halloween. I thought they were adorable and bought them for everyday use. I have no idea why they spend their day looking at a photo of us, but they haven't complained so far.

Also, I am a sucker for anything with feet—bowls, cups, creamers, condiment holders, pajamas. I saw these online and couldn't resist. I think they'll look better when their done. The reflections really aren't working yet. And, I finally decided to use a less toothy surface but wasn't all that thrilled with this linen. But, I didn't let the first layer dry before trying to finish up, so when I go back to it later I'll be able to tell.

And without further ado, more rodents...

Pink Squirrel
12x16" pastel
©Vicki Ross

Of Mice and Lego Men
5x7" oil on hardboard
©2013 Diana Moses Botkin 

and please welcome our newest member, the very talented Julie Ford Oliver...

Mr. Beaver at Home
6x8" oil on Ray Mar canvas board
© Julie Ford Oliver 2013

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Catherine (detail)  18x24" oil on canvas

Finally! I know I said that already. This is the commission that Tim brought home for a co-worker for me to do maybe as long as a year before he left us. Thank you Helena for being so kind, patient and understanding and giving me as much time as I needed to complete this.

I had done a pastel painting of Catherine's sister eons ago and their father wanted a portrait of Catherine as well. The other portrait, painted on 18x24" pastel paper was difficult to match on canvas and in oil. I painted the canvas black and then sort of matched the Canson paper the other portrait is painted on. When doing portraits in pastel, I often left the paper as background, an effect I really liked.

I did the first portrait so long ago that this little girl is all grown up, married and just produced a little girl of her own. Celestial speed up indeed!