Wednesday, April 29, 2015


8x8" oil on canvas


It's entitled Joy because I finally did some work! Still not feeling any jets of desire to paint but
at least I darkened the door. Not whining or complaining, it is what it is and there's nothing wrong with not feelin' the love.

Decided I was just passively allowing this to happen and forced studio time. Probably have painted this before as I went through my reference shots and picked the first thing that I thought would be fun. The old feeling of joy did surface for a bit which felt nice. I'm sure the more I work the better I'll feel. Why I can't apply "your thoughts create your experience" to this particular subject is a mystery I'm working on daily to crack.

I do feel like painting....I do feel like painting...I do feel like...

Thanks for dropping by and thanks for your patience.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

VENUS the Charger Lady

Venus the Charger Lady
9x9" pencil on paper

Okay! So, here you have it! Still not feelin' the flow. It is the strangest feeling going into the studio, fully expecting to work and minutes later finding myself in the living room, on the couch looking out the window! Still. No. Desire. To. Work. At. All!

Heavy sigh!

I wanted to do Venus in oil, however even squeezing it out of the tube onto the palette sheet felt wrong, so I tried a pencil sketch. Whateva! Not gonna stress. This has happened before and will again, for whatever reason. The ego gets off on me analyzing it and trying to figure out what the end game is, so screw it, not gonna do it. I have far too much to be grateful for to get my drawers all twisted because I don't feel like creating. This too shall pass.

Yeah, I know. But when?

In the meantime, I promised myself I'd keep darkening the studio door and attempting to work. We'll see.

Oh, yeah, Venus. Let me 'splain. She literally charges the iPad up. It slips right into the handy little slot of her mitten-like fingers, rests snugly against her enormous mammillia and sucks up energy through a little port thingy near what should be her navel. A little strange but so unique. I love her. She looks like sculpture, sitting proudly on the coffee table, right next to the starfish my budly Brenda sent me last year in a goodie box.

Thank you so much for your patience and for stopping by. I so hope to be posting something of substance soon! Don't give up on me!