Thursday, March 22, 2012


Hello everyone and thank you so very much for all of your messages of support and condolence. It's been very difficult for me as you can imagine. My initial outlook changed drastically when the numbness subsided, however I feel I'm beginning to find my way.

I'm posting today to let you all know that I'm doing better and to thank you for your incredible support,
messages, cards and phone calls. It's amazing how much this helps. I hope to be back at work soon, but I'm just not sure when. I appreciate knowing that I'm missed and that you care more than I can express.

Also, there should be some sort of law against hacking emails of those who recently lost a loved one, but I guess not. If you've received a strangely upbeat email from me, or any email that isn't very obviously from me...well it ain't me! I'm so sorry for the inconvenience. It's boggles the mind that some folks have nothing better to do with their time than to mess about with hacking etc.

Thank you so very much and I hope to be back soon.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012


STONES in progress

Each time I begin to do something that I did before 2.23.12 happened, I have a panic attack and seem bound to remind myself that the last time I did whatever it is, Tim was still here with me. I guess that's normal. I've been sitting in bed, surrounded by spent tissues, books covering every square inch of the quilt, the sound turned down with the picture on the television, feeling completely and totally lost. Again, I guess that's normal, whatever normal is when something so totally unexpected and surreal takes place in ones life.

I decided to try and post today. Thought maybe it would help. I'm going to just try and get going again. Sitting around isn't working but I'd be lying if I said I expect painting will feel good. Nothing feels good. But, again, I guess that's normal.

I don't want to go through this on my blog. This is my job. When one returns to work after the loss of a loved one, one works. I'm fortunate to work from home, so when the tears start I'll just have a good wail and get back to work. You've heard Oprah speak of the "ugly cry?" Now I know what she was talking about.

The painting above has been changed twice. I got rid of the background and plan to work the detail on the stones much more realistically. I started this when I first began my blog so it's been around a while. I had planned to start a new bug that morning. I'll give it a try tomorrow.

And, I have missed so much of what everyone has done. I hope to be able to visit my favorite blogs and leave comments again at some point. Again, my wonderful friends, thank you so much for your kindness. I don't know what I would do without it.

Yo, Northport, where you at?