Monday, June 30, 2008


5 x 7"
Oil on canvas
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purchase info

I was unable to upload for some reason. I'll try again later.

Friday, June 27, 2008

STONES In ProgressThree

40 x 30"
Oil on canvas
In Progress

I have a plan! At last! I am going to split up my time. Four days on dailies, 3 days on larger pieces. That's far. We'll see how that works out. I need the discipline of doing a daily but I also need to get the larger pieces done and start new ones. Even putting in a few in the wee hours before hubs wakes on weekends, is better than not working at all on them.

This is coming along. I'm so used to finishing up in one day, this piece is beginning to feel endless—and I've only put in about 7 hours so far. Months of work will be required to finish this puppy correctly, but I am up for the challenge. Another plus, daily speaking, is that I have a need to finish pieces now, instead of letting them languish for months. Last night I actually feel asleep thinking of painting, the feel of the brush on the canvas, that little tingle of excitement when forms suddenly seem to have depth and dimension. Nice, very nice. Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


6 x 6"
Oil on canvas
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for purchase details

I'm really excited about this one. Searching throughout the house for objects to paint, I came upon this wooden hand and an old pitcher. I never used the wooden hand for drawing exercises. I always propped it up somewhere, with the offending digit calling attention to itself or the peace sign displayed, depending upon the mood.

But when I took them outside, I photographed some interesting interaction that seemed to spontaneously combust between the two objects. They apparently took an instant liking to one another. More to come on their developing relationship in future dailies.

Also, I find our picnic table portrayed in any number of incarnations in my paintings. At the present, I like the geometric lines it adds, so I think I'll just keep it in. It's beginning to rain. Heavy sigh.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


5 x 7"
Oil on canvas
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Back to cotton duck today. I thought I liked linen better. Right now it's a toss up. Guess it's the mood I'm in. I love the monotone look to this piece, although it's rife with primary colors. These are also my favorite cups. Just like the feel of them.

I began with thinner application this time to minimize any missed canvas which results in white dots. We'll see. I still have time to devote to my larger pieces today, so it's back to the easel.

I listen to audiobooks while I work sometimes. I listened to Eckhart Tolle's book, A New Earth and found it very helpful in stopping the mental chatter that distracts me and saps my confidence. Have you ever stopped to listen to some of that crap in your head? I had an incredibly peaceful day today because I made a point of staying in the moment and I think it also helped my work.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


6 x 6"
Oil on linen
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for purchase info

Thinking I need to incorporate more portraits in the daily experience. The linen surface is new to me and I'm wasn't as comfortable with it today as I was yesterday. The grass is always greener. Think I'll try cotton tomorrow and see.

This is my friend. I took a series of shots of her years ago. I loved her features and hair. Maybe I'll check those shots out for later use.

Monday, June 23, 2008


6 x 6"
Oil on linen
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purchase info.

I've painted these critters before and I couldn't wait to do them again. I put an apple in to make things interesting and add some more color. I am besotted with the linen canvas experience.

I followed my new studio rules and found the day much more enjoyable. I was focused and talked myself through the hot spots. When I experience bum numb, I get up, plug in and jam for a half hour to get the blood going again. I find I have a new perspective when I return to my easel. Got a late start but I am very satisfied and looking forward to tomorrow's canvas.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


6 x 6"
Oil on linen
In progress

This is today's daily. I chose one lone apple for obvious reasons. I'm way behind. This was really a great experience as it was my very first time painting on linen! A rather obvious solution to the white dots that result from working on the cotton duck don't you think? Um...duh! It's feels like butta! And I just restocked cotton. Arrrgh!

Again, too wet for highlights. I'm going to continue to experiment with surfaces, depth of paint applied to perfect the daily experience. Nothing like on the job training.


5 x 7"
Oil on canvas
In progress

This is the daily painting I had to stop working on yesterday and the victim of a sudden rain squall. I thought it would be dry enough to work on the highlights but the paint is still too wet. I'm thinking of taking a week to fine tune all of the daily work I have soon.

I'm still rushing the work too much. I made a list of studio rules to read each morning. I'm finding the usual doubts starting to creep in and quite simply, I'm not havin' it. I have the skills and a really great studio complete with all the equipment I need to produce an entire body of work. The only thing that was missing is a strong lasting commitment and faith in myself. I've recently joined an artist network and the feedback and interaction is incredibly inspiring. I'm also finding a few minutes spent admiring the work of other artists online really sets the tone each morning.


12 x 12"
Oil on canvas

A series of both frustrating and incredibly enjoyable incidents conspired to create situations in which I was forced to "bail the dailies!" However, I did work yesterday, but had to stop early. It was jam day and it was exactly what I needed. But, and there's always a but, I left yesterday's unfinished daily out on the picnic table this morning to speed along drying so that I could finish it up after today's daily. Got cloudy. Checked the weather map online. Nearest blob of green was miles away. Continued working. The hubs comes running in from the den. I hear the words painting and rain. Too late. Hopefully, it will survive, after all, oil and water don't mix.

Hoping to post both yesterday's and today's by this evening. Until then, I wanted to share the second of three studies of Devlin the wonder dog. Did I mention he is perfect?

Thursday, June 19, 2008


12 x 12"
Oil on canvas

I haven't been able to paint a daily for 2 days now. And now I see, by my reaction, that I have put all my eggs into the daily painting basket—so perhaps this is not a bad thing. I've been so focused on not blowing this off, I've forgotten I'm supposed to be creatively stoked! Time to step back and not take myself or what I do seriously.

Yesterday was spent tidying for company that had to cancel, but at least the house is spotless. And today, my planned cupscape wasn't the proportion I need for the canvas I have, the digital won't mount on my computer and I hate all of my other reference shots. Whine much? I'm not stopping, I'm just getting some perspective. I will post a daily tomorrow.

My dog always makes me smile. I want to smile today so I thought I'd post one of my first paintings of our Chocolate Lab, Devlin. He is a superstar. We work to keep him in house and home. He sleeps firmly implanted between us on the California King. He is art in motion and he always makes me smile.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


4 x 4"
Oil on canvas
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for purchase info

I think the lone white cup series might have been a bit 'o laziness rearing it's ugly head. I tried to do one today from a different perspective and couldn't with a straight face. It seems I've been opting for more simple fare, so I found this vase from a series of shots I took years ago. Fit perfectly on a 4 x 4" and it looks like i fussed.

Monday, June 16, 2008


4 x 4"
Oil on canvas
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Down to three lone 4 x 4" canvasses until my order is delivered. Single objects work best for me at that size. I'm thinking of a series of white cups. Sounds boring, but I love the different shades of white, within which are the most unexpected colors. This particular white cup is the local diner variety of white cup. Coffee always seems to taste better in these for some reason.

Made some great progress on 16 x20 Green Bottle this weekend. Should be able to post finished painting by next week.

Friday, June 13, 2008

GREEN BOTTLE (in progress)

16 x 20" Oil on canvas
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Well, how surprised was I to find out I had no small canvasses left for my daily today? Completely! This does tend to happen when one doesnt' keep account of one's stock. So I ordered more and continued work on this piece. Surprisingly, this is the reference I tried to use for my very first 5 x 5" daily! Not
surprisingly, it did not work on such a small canvas, to say nothing of being able to complete it in one day! I seem to by using the word "surprisingly" a lot.

Again, I digress. Obviously there is a lot more to do, but it's shaping up. This kind of painting is like a jigsaw puzzle. Once the pieces start taking shape, showing depth and texture, the image comes together. I can't wait to do the bright work on the bottle and the reflection/shadow. But for now, time for a glass of wine and watching the sun set on the porch with himself.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


12 X 12" Oil on canvas
Please contact me through for purchase info.

I wanted to try something different. When one constantly paints food, there's talk.

Actually, I tried two new approaches. I admired an artist's work online and she suggested painting the canvas black and building the painting from there. Well, the white dots are eliminated, but, we're talkin' a couple 'o coats here, this ain't gonna fly for a daily. I kept thinking I had black paint in my brush, the more I applied the paint the darker it became. As a result, I'm hoping for another bright hot day tomorrow so I can put this puppy out to bake and hopefully finish it up after I finish my Friday daily.

It's graphically ok now, but when it's done, it will hopefully be more interesting. Still I'm thrilled with my new pioneer-like attitude!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

ONIONS 5 and 6

6 x 6" Oil on canvas
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Apparently, I'm falling in love with onions. They seem delicate and robust at the same time. It's the paper thin, transparent layers of skin. I think they, like clam shells, keep their rainbow of colors hidden until they're bathed in sunlight.

I spent an inordinate amount of time in the produce isle today. There is so much to choose from. I found myself fondling a turnip like I'd never seen one before. Simply amazing. Dailies have me looking at everything more closely.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


5 X 5" Oil on canvas
Please contact me at for purchase info.

Obviously this isn't finished. There was no way the copy could be painted on the surface of this can today. So, I put it outside. On the table. In the backyard sun. It's 96 today. It dried. What wouldn't? I don't think I'll finish it today though. I've cleaned up and put everything away, so I'll tackle the copy on the can first thing tomorrow, before I start Wed's. daily.

The can is a favorite of ours. Himself is, as I've mentioned, quite the cook. There's no one easier to buy gifts for than an aspiring chef. This was gourmet salt, gray salt to be exact, his favorite. And so many interesting uses for the empty can! Tuesday's daily is obviously one.


5 X 5" Oil on canvas
Please contact me at for purchase info.

This is Monday, June 9th's daily. I didn't post yesterday. It was our anniversary and we went out and throughly enjoyed ourselves. The miracle is that I did my daily on such a joyous occasion!

Of course I defaulted to a trusty quick-study onion, but, there so many colors in a "white" onion to work with. Mauve, rose, lime green, pearl white, tawny orange. Anyway, I really love what daily painting is doing to my work. I can't believe I actually thought I was one of the ones that could improve without working on a consistent basis. How come the voice isn't kind enough to point THAT out. No, one only hears from that wretch when one is creating. Who's ya daddy now?

Friday, June 6, 2008


4 X 6" Oil on canvas

Dots, dots, dots. How do I get rid of the dots. And this one seems to form a pattern along with the dots. Oh well. I'll go back and fill in the dots later.

This is for himself. Happy Anniversary and thanks for the best years I've known. Perhaps you can help me get rid of the dots!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Private Commission Daily

16 x 20" Oil on canvas

I had the bright idea of doing a commission as a daily again and it worked! When this dries, I have only some bright work to do and it's done! I'm so pleased with myself. The depression is lifting, my painting dismorphic syndrome is fading, and I'm sure I've weathered my first attempt to bail the dailies! Yes!

In the recent past, a frustrating day in at the easel would result in a frustrated call to the hubs who would then tell me to quit for the day and chill. Daily painting has effectively put an end to that! Next!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


4 x 6" Oil on canvas
Please contact me at for purchase information

This is today's daily. The uglies among the beauties. Still not in a great creative space (I hate that "space" cop out, don't you?), but I'm not giving up. The hubs says the point is to work. I'm just going to work and stop whining.

I overloaded the canvas with paint. Don't know why. Tomorrow I'll build up the paint slowly. Too wet to add highlights. The honeymoon is definitely over, but this feeling will pass. I do wake up feeling very enthusiastic about finishing a painting before the day is over.


On one level, I'm really proud of myself. On another, I'm a little tired of getting in my own way. I stopped yesterday, posted an old piece and tried to call it a day. I couldn't. I promised myself I would stick to this and I'm going to. The rewards are too great to stop now.

I went back to this piece. I still don't like it but it's sort of done. There's a lot to fix but, I did not let myself declare, in a fit of frustration, that I just had to stop, it just wasn't a good day to paint. If I'm upright and can see, it's a good day to paint.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Private Commission

Nothing feels right today. I've been trying since 10 AM. I'm wasting my time. My stars are out of alignment, my creative bio-rhythm is crossing over a critical line, my mojo is on the fritz. there's bad ju-ju in my studio and and my muse went awol. It happens. It'll be better tomorrow.

Back in the day, I worked with a friend who would whine aloud in a tortured voice: " I have angst! I'm haunted!" when she hit a creative wall. I so relate.

I'm posting this so I can recall what it looks like to be present when one is working. Now that I think of it, I felt pretty angst-ridden when I started this. Perhaps I'll go back to work.

Monday, June 2, 2008

In Progress Two

In Progress Two
40 x 30" Oil on canvas
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or go to my website:

Although I didn't post this weekend, alas!...I was working! Something is wrong with me. I can't stay away from my easel. I'm checking under our bed for that empty pod, himself had wondered about, this is beginning to get a little spooky.

Of course it could be that I received my favorite art magazine in the mail, featuring what I intend to be my future. Nothing humbles one more than those better than they are. And aren't we fortunate to be able to not only accept that but also learn from it. Having said that, I really hate when that happens, but if I'm able to get past the voice, aka - the ego, I can open up and learn. I'm not going to pretend I enjoy it.

Now that I'm done proselytizing, I happily continued on with the "Stones", or as yet untitled. I am finding that the discipline it takes to make a 4 x 4" painting work has carried over to painting on larger canvasses for me. I have a habit of faking it till I find it. A million lines, strokes of the brush, dabbles 'o color, until, hopefully, when I step back, I'll see the right one. Won't work that small. So, I've had to be more exact, more definite. I find I'm studying the shapes of shadows, the value and tone of a highlight like I never have before. So, basically, one has to work to improve...who knew?