Sunday, June 22, 2008


5 x 7"
Oil on canvas
In progress

This is the daily painting I had to stop working on yesterday and the victim of a sudden rain squall. I thought it would be dry enough to work on the highlights but the paint is still too wet. I'm thinking of taking a week to fine tune all of the daily work I have soon.

I'm still rushing the work too much. I made a list of studio rules to read each morning. I'm finding the usual doubts starting to creep in and quite simply, I'm not havin' it. I have the skills and a really great studio complete with all the equipment I need to produce an entire body of work. The only thing that was missing is a strong lasting commitment and faith in myself. I've recently joined an artist network and the feedback and interaction is incredibly inspiring. I'm also finding a few minutes spent admiring the work of other artists online really sets the tone each morning.

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