Tuesday, June 10, 2008


5 X 5" Oil on canvas
Please contact me at www.suzanneberry.com for purchase info.

This is Monday, June 9th's daily. I didn't post yesterday. It was our anniversary and we went out and throughly enjoyed ourselves. The miracle is that I did my daily on such a joyous occasion!

Of course I defaulted to a trusty quick-study onion, but, there so many colors in a "white" onion to work with. Mauve, rose, lime green, pearl white, tawny orange. Anyway, I really love what daily painting is doing to my work. I can't believe I actually thought I was one of the ones that could improve without working on a consistent basis. How come the voice isn't kind enough to point THAT out. No, one only hears from that wretch when one is creating. Who's ya daddy now?

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