Thursday, April 28, 2011


12x12" oil on canvas

Meet Allie. Another commission done! Albeit a tad behind schedule thanks to a lovely surprise from Tim which included spending precious time away from the easel. Combine that with a touch of the flu a few days before and we've got drama. I hate drama. I hate disappointing anyone, especially clients. Heavy sigh.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


18x24" oil on canvas

Another commission done! I'm a tad proud of my productivity if I don't say so myself. Back to work. Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, April 15, 2011


One Duck in 7 to 15 or 16.5 Strokes
10x10" oil on canvas

Well, it is a challenge after all isn't it? Little Suzanne was not happy about this particular one I can tell you. Robin Cheers, whose brilliant paint strokes I covet, came up with this beast of a challenge. I'd like to say thank you Robin, but I'm still on the mend from this morning's trauma.

The challenge was to create a painting in 7 to 15 strokes of the brush. Seems simple enough. Behind in my work as usual, I arrogantly thought I could do this in minutes so of course, again, I started at the last minute yesterday. After abusing 4 good canvases, I decided to switch to paper until I got the jist of the exercise. Ten pages later, with one swift melodramatic sweep of her arm, everything on the table went crashing to the floor to the strain of some extraordinarily excessive expletives.  I stepped back and watched Little Suzie carry on about scribbling with a brush and not posting something she'd be ashamed of... yada, yada, yada. She eventually took to her bed, spent from the tirade, while I was left to pick up the pieces. I tried to assuage her bruised ego by assuring her she'd come up with something by morning.

The above is the result. Not thrilled, but at least relieved the object was at least recognizable, Little Suzanne finally granted permission to post, but only after promising to have a word with Robin and the rest of the group about avoiding any challenge that even hinted at attempting to pry her loose from the safety and familiarity of complacency.


“7 Stroke to Place”
13x9”  oil on canvas
© Vicki Ross

“7 Stroke to Apple”
4x5”  oil on canvas
© 2011 Diana Moses Botkin

6x4” oil on canvas
©Ruth Andre

12x6” oil on panel
© 2011 Robin Cheers

Sunday, April 10, 2011


36" x 24" (91.5cm x 61.0cm)
oil on canvas

I think the bees are a tad more fuzzy and cuddly, disregarding the stinger of course, but for some reason, I suddenly find myself smitten with wasps at the present. We have a family of these critters living underground by the patio on our back yard. Since the day I saw one fly...make that lumber... by, looking a bit like a small bird in a bumblebee suit, we thought it best if we just left them alone. We are however planning to keep a close watch on the pups, wouldn't want one of them picked up and carried off.

Monday, April 4, 2011


24x36" oil on canvas
in progress

It's been a while since I posted this in progress and then put it away. This past week, each time I passed it in the storeroom, I felt excitement at the prospect of working on it. I usually need a building to fall on my head, but I took this as a sign and guess what I did? I worked on it. And, oddly enough, this is the first painting that I have felt really intimately involved with.

I know that sounds rather silly, but usually I'm trying to match color values and temperatures or get a likeness. And I am, but I'm also self editing the reference to create a more interesting composition. And as I progress, it's obvious that the real exhibit is the visitor and that amazing outfit she's wearing. Whatever is on the walls pales in comparison to the figure watching it.

And so, I'm left pondering a name for this painting that says just that. I don't have too much left to complete and I must say that the background isn't nearly as exciting to do as the figure, but I'm going to keep working on it until it excites me as much as the figure does. We'll see.