Tuesday, January 15, 2013


6x6" oil on canvas  $125 plus shipping


It's that time again! And I was on time! Almost. This month's theme, "A Sunlit Place" was chosen by Vicki. Thanks Vic, it's a great one.

I'm having trouble with my external drive, the one with ALL of my art and photographs. Not too upset thought, my Mac Genie says he can get all the stuff off, for some reason it won't mount. Anyway, I was lucky to find this shot, taken 2 summers ago, on the hard drive. I thought I had another full day to work on this....gone back to guessing the date again...so it's not completed as I saw it in my head, but I decided to call it anyway.

Finally was "forced" to work in the new studio. Why forced you ask? Well, even though it's not quite completed yet, I'd moved all my stuff down there,  and it started to become "that new box of crayons" for me. If I open it and use the crayons, they won't be new anymore. Plus, a new start, in a new space, a space Tim's never seen...felt weird. Silly right?

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and enjoy...

Party Balloon
8x6" oil on hardboard
©2013 Diana Moses Botkin

Exhibition Hallway Late Afternoon
12x6" oil on panel