Tuesday, January 15, 2013


6x6" oil on canvas  $125 plus shipping


It's that time again! And I was on time! Almost. This month's theme, "A Sunlit Place" was chosen by Vicki. Thanks Vic, it's a great one.

I'm having trouble with my external drive, the one with ALL of my art and photographs. Not too upset thought, my Mac Genie says he can get all the stuff off, for some reason it won't mount. Anyway, I was lucky to find this shot, taken 2 summers ago, on the hard drive. I thought I had another full day to work on this....gone back to guessing the date again...so it's not completed as I saw it in my head, but I decided to call it anyway.

Finally was "forced" to work in the new studio. Why forced you ask? Well, even though it's not quite completed yet, I'd moved all my stuff down there,  and it started to become "that new box of crayons" for me. If I open it and use the crayons, they won't be new anymore. Plus, a new start, in a new space, a space Tim's never seen...felt weird. Silly right?

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and enjoy...

Party Balloon
8x6" oil on hardboard
©2013 Diana Moses Botkin

Exhibition Hallway Late Afternoon
12x6" oil on panel


  1. Gorgeous colors! And yes, you captured the light beautifully. Diana and Vicki did, also. Fun to see how each person interprets the challenge.

    Have fun in your new studio! Looking forward to seeing lots of new work!

  2. We love this painting! And we hope stuff gets fixed soon.
    We don't think your new space is silly at all!
    Sending love!

  3. You christened it, you're on your way! Great colors, love it...

  4. Nice painting and the Light is so nice.

  5. Oh I do love leaves and these hold all the mystery that I find and love in vines. Beautiful, Suz. I think your nice studio is a fine new start and you can be sure Tim's been in there. And I suspect he'll be in there with you all of the time.

  6. This reminds me of a previous painting you did, equally beautiful. I like how the light hits the leaves and the colours you used. Greens are almost as scary as flowers for me to paint so I'm envious of your ability to what seems like effortlessly produce this.

    The new studio is yours and Tim will always be there too, don't you fret. He's probably already rearranged some furniture and hidden your favourite pencil just for fun. :) Enjoy the newness of the space and let the creativity wash over you.

  7. I am SO glad to see you back on the challenges again! I only wish it was possible to spend a day with you so you could share some of your secrets with me! I'm inspired every time I visit - and I'm so looking forward to seeing what else you do this year :0)

  8. Before I read a word about this painting, I was smiling. Light, sunlight, new growth, etc. - I saw it all and it made me happy for you. Have a wonderful day today and an even better one tomorrow!

  9. Lovely painting, and how exciting about the new studio!!! I'd love to see pictures of it, mine is so darn tiny! I can understand how you feel about the change, though I'm sure Tim is seeing it all. I know that I get 'superstitious' about my art habits. I still have the same oak drawing table I bought second-hand from a fellow SVA student and friend for about $25 because I'm convinced it helps me paint well! Also had a superstitious water container until that one broke...now I have another -- p.s., working just as well as the first one, lol!

  10. I love this one - feels so intimately natural and sunlit. New digs - new beginnings - that box is FULL of crayons, isn't it? Go for it!

  11. A gorgeous piece, Suzanne! the color and light...perfect!!!

  12. It's fun to know this got painted in your new studio, Suzanne. I love the cozy feel of the leaves all nestled together in the lovely sunlight.

  13. The palette is beautiful, and the design both intricate and interesting.

  14. Lovely painting Suzanne. Good for you using the new studio. Silly? Not in the slightest. ;-)

  15. Suz, your "it's not completed as I saw it in my head" is more finished than nearly anything I've ever created. Beautiful!


  16. I love the simplicity of this image and the complexity of color, light & darks, shadows & highlights you used to create it.

    I spent the morning reading through your entire year. You are as gifted at expressing your heart through words as you are with paint and brush.

    I'm glad you have a new beginning in a new space. I wish you the best in it.

  17. Good Morning Suz!... What a wonderfully complex and light-filled composition you have created here! It sure does make the eye tippy-toe about... and then rivets it through your wonderful lighting on specific areas of interest and certain leaf forms! A gem!

    I have been working through similar problems as you describe. OPur new winter studio digs are not to my liking... too cramped and the lighting is dreadfully artificial for my liking. What to do? Plug on! ... just as you have!

    I am working still along... on the "you-know-what"... feeling a bit out of my element for certain... but it is progressing!

    Glad that you are back in the saddle again!... as best you can be!

    Take care of your Self!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  18. Hi Suzanne- for light filled and beautiful this really fills the bill! You always weave together the most wonderful complex edges in the most cohesive way! Lovely!

  19. I've been so tardy, I'm just now finding you up here! NIce choice for your sunny spot. I like your leaves. Glad you opened that box of crayons. It's also sad to see an old unused box that offered so much potential, but never inspired enough to be used. The thing is with new crayons, once you do use that first one, the world became wide open! I imagine the same will be true with the new studio. Will we see pics of it at any time??? I'm so curious.

  20. I bet you will get used to your new studio and produce tons of great things from there. Life is endless adjustments, isn't it? Like sailing a boat...lots of corrections in order to move forward. (Well, correction isn't even the right word, you know what I mean).
    Love this painting..such a beautiful mix of warm and cool!

  21. Lovely painting-love the mix of light and dark. Wow, I can so identify with holding off and breaking in your new space. Don't we all do that in all kinds of ways. Never use or wear nice things because we're "saving them". Hope you can settle in and that it will become a calm refuge.

  22. The painting is beautiful and I don't think you're silly for your thoughts.
    I wanted to come by and check on you. Isn't February the dreaded month?
    Maybe play some of Tim's music in the new studio...in any case..you know he's there with you. You know it.

  23. Not sure how you could have improved this by working on it another day, to me it looks wonderful and finished!

  24. Your sunlit place positively shimmers! I love the patterns those leaves make, it's beautiful. I wish you many happy hours painting in the "new" studio.

  25. It is beautiful, and peaceful and complicated and sweet... just like you. Who wouldn't want a patch of sunlight like this in their home/life forever?


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