Wednesday, March 31, 2010


oil on canvas

Meet Tanner. He's a commission. Can you believe that face? He looks like a Disney character. Those impossibly huge eyes! I've never seen a face like his and what fun he was to paint!

I'm actually getting some work done! The boys are not too thrilled but as soon as Raz's hip is healed, they can romp in their little playpen while I work. We went through a food allergy attack this weekend.  I guess their new kibble wasn't Pug friendly. An amazing experience and one I hope, sorry, we hope, not to have the misfortune to go through again! My grandfather used to call them the "back door trots." Good thing I stocked up on quilts, sheets and towels. Again, enough said. Except that— now that I'm getting more time to myself—a more patient, loving and understanding mom you have never seen.

My mood is getting better with each piece I complete. I'm actually starting a daily painting today.
Better chill tho', there might be a reaction of some kind.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

WINSTON and a new beginning...again!

oil on canvas

This is Winston. He's a donation painting to the Weim and Cheese Silent Auction. I'm glad he's done, almost.

I spent the day working! Thank you for listening to my whining. I'll keep this short. Standing outside with Raz, waiting for him to make a deposit, I suddenly realized something. If I had to leave the house to go to my studio and paint I would have to crate the pups. I tried this once but their barking bathed me in guilt so I gave up. Today, they spent the day, crated in the den, at the far end of the house and out of ear shot. They had an hour lunch break and a half hour late afternoon break. Himself suggested I do this months ago, but I couldn't. Now, however, I am more than ready to reclaim my work day and I think things will begin to improve from this point on.

It felt so good to work uninterrupted again. I'm born again!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010



I'm being held captive by these two ferocious furry freaks! I'm a prisoner on my own bed, even while they sleep! So exhausted and thankful for the silence, I shudder at the thought of moving a muscle for fear they will stir and the struggle will begin anew.

Some thoughts from a Pug mom, clearly in over her head...

A word to whoever it was that told us Pugs don't bark. Bite me!

Another word to whoever it was that said Pugs are the perfect dry run if one is considering human infants. You're right!

Will I ever be able to paint, uninterrupted, for more than 10 minutes at a time?

Will there be a time, on the way to the loo at 3 am, that we don't trip over a platoon of pillows standing guard to catch the occasional falling Pug! Why does Raz insist upon hugging the edge of the bed? Edge hugger!

Is that grunting sound a warning or a plea? I discovered last week it can be either one.

Will the hip replacement "take," even though Raz does his best Mikhail Baryshnikov while "resting" in his crate?

Why is it I'm looking forward to a trip to the grocery store?

Does himself really think I'll consent to breeding them and keeping a puppy?

And finally, anal sacs are a gift from hell, lovingly wrapped by the devil himself!

I'm posting one painting a month, if I'm lucky. I'm receiving, shall we say, less than kind notes from impatient clients. I'm cranky, pissed off and feel like I'll never have time to do what I want, ever again!

Uh oh! Wait! Their doin' that "Children of the Corn" thing with their eyes again! Hold me, I'm frightened! Don't look Suz! I won't look, you can't make me! Avert your eyes! Avert your eyes! Too late...

I'm melting!! (for full effect, please read like the witch in The Wizard of Oz)

Please don't forget me! I might actually be posting a painting this week!

Monday, March 15, 2010


The Usual Suspects
oil on canvas

I should just say to insert the "oh my, doesn't time fly" blurb here, but I feel compelled to say, yet again, that it cannot possibly be that another month has gone by already! Again, I apologize, this seems to be beyond my control.

This month's theme—A Favorite Treat—was given to the group by Michael Naples, an incredibly gifted artist. I thought I'd go at this from a different point of view and bypass the obvious, but alas, my thoughts made a bee-line to the gooey goodies. I caught myself and tried to take the higher road: a Saturday morning "soak" in bed with himself and the boys before starting the day; seeing my favorite musician perform in an intimate setting with Tim; being engrossed in a well-written book, with a glass of wine on a cold night, curled up by the fireplace—if I had one—in my jammies. All of these are or would be among my favorite treats, however, a tad difficult to bring to life on canvas a week before the due date. I thought and thought and thought, but I knew a trip to the local bakery was in my future.

Once there, I had to purchase quite the array of colorfully decorated baked possibilities, and I knew it was just as certain that I would have to eat them. And, eat them I did. But I digress... enter the Usual Suspects. The subsequent photo shoot wasn't going well when himself suggested that I use the flash. The result was a shot that made the jelly donuts appear as if they were in a line up, or being interrogated. And since I'm always wondering how and why that annoying number keeps getting higher and higher on the bathroom scale, I thought perhaps it was time I round up the usual suspects for questioning!

And sample these incredibly delicious treats from the group...

"Tasty Treat”
Oil on hardboard 7”x5”
 ©2010 Diana Moses Botkin

"My Treat"
6x8 oil on panel
© 2010 Robin Cheers

“Chocolate Cordial Cherries”
4x4” oil on panel
 ©2010 Jeanne Illenye

“Marble Frosted”
Oil on Board, 8”x8”
Michael Naples
©2010 Michael Naples

“One a Day”
©2010 Vicki Ross
4x7 oil on panel

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


oil on canvas
in progress

Trying to steal some studio time in between being a Pug Mom. We had a nasty scare with the Raz Man, but thankfully it was just a stomach thing. Then Blu decided to favor us with...well, what can one say...two words should do it actually. Anal sacs. I'll say no more, except it's a good thing these little critters have stolen our hearts and hidden them away. I'm learning to be more patient and less selfish if that helps.

I'm still working on this. I get to a place where the simple application of a line seems beyond my ability. I'll put it away for another few weeks. I remember announcing that I'd get back to doing a painting a day in January. Ha! I'm lucky if I get one or two done a month at this rate! I feel the dark place beckoning so I'll just stop right there, except to say...I keep asking myself...what did you think was gonna happen? You bought two—not one—but two Pug puppies, renowned for multiple health problems and the need of your full attention and you thought...what? were somehow going to get more time to paint? Kinda like asking Roseanne Barr to sing the National Anthem and then getting offended when she grabs her crotch, no? Clearly we create our own ca-ca and then try to blame it on two little innocent puppies. We were so heartbroken when Dev died we forgot we didn't even like him for the first two years!

Thank you so much for your kind and supportive comments for my little story in my last post. I want to say something meaningful here, but for once it seems I am at a loss for words.