Wednesday, March 31, 2010


oil on canvas

Meet Tanner. He's a commission. Can you believe that face? He looks like a Disney character. Those impossibly huge eyes! I've never seen a face like his and what fun he was to paint!

I'm actually getting some work done! The boys are not too thrilled but as soon as Raz's hip is healed, they can romp in their little playpen while I work. We went through a food allergy attack this weekend.  I guess their new kibble wasn't Pug friendly. An amazing experience and one I hope, sorry, we hope, not to have the misfortune to go through again! My grandfather used to call them the "back door trots." Good thing I stocked up on quilts, sheets and towels. Again, enough said. Except that— now that I'm getting more time to myself—a more patient, loving and understanding mom you have never seen.

My mood is getting better with each piece I complete. I'm actually starting a daily painting today.
Better chill tho', there might be a reaction of some kind.


  1. Tanner looks like a fun fellow. I like the blues you used in the background to compliment his coloring and make him POP off the canvas.

    I'm afraid that if I was dealing with your little guys I'd be a bit pug-nacious by now. Kudos for your continued tolerance and affections.

    Thanks for all your great comments on my recent work. They always mean a lot to me...


  2. Those eyes! That wet nose! What an adorable dog and you've painted him beautifully!

  3. Ditto to what Don said about the blue/grey background. Beautiful!

  4. Suzanne, Love the puppy! You did a great job—I know the parents are so exited to have this beautiful piece of art. Love the background color!

    Thanks for your comments on my blog! I am such a fan of your work.

    I always look forward to reading your blog—I think my grandparents called it the same thing— LOL. We can update it and say BDT for short.

  5. a beautiful portrait Suzanne. Is Tanner a goldendoodle?

  6. Suzanne, beautiful portrait. So glad you are back painting. You have a great weekend.

  7. OHH... Great palette, Suz.
    You are a master of open brushstrokes....

  8. Don, thanks so much! And thanks for the kudos. I needed to realize we'd, I'd, made a commitment, honor and stop whining. Some day I'll look back on this and laugh. You are so welcome as well, your work continues to amaze.

    Gwen, thanks so much!

    Mark, thank you. I love you pet pieces so much.

    Carol, thank you! He passes last year and the owner really likes it so I've very pleased. Thank you so much for the comment on my blog. BDT it is!

    Mona, thanks so much. I think he might be a goldendoole! I could not figure him out at all, thanks.

    Joan, thanks so much. Enjoy yours as well.

    Tracey, thanks so much, really appreciate it.

    欣盈, thank you so much. I tried to translate but couldn't.

  9. OMG Suzanne!

    How could you not smile at that face?



  10. Wow, great painting Suzanne, a wonderful face, really nice tongue)


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