Sunday, April 4, 2010


(photo credit - moi)
New Zealand Lamb Lollipops

Himself fancies himself to be a rather accomplished cook, and I quite agree with him. In fact, I'm thinking of gifting him one of those jaunty chef hats, some orange clogs— a la Mario Batali, and a chef jacket with "Berry" written in funky script on the pocket.

The bulk of Tim's creative focus, for the last few years at least, has been in the direction of the culinary arts and I have been the very happy, but somewhat plump, recipient of his endeavors.

Two weeks ago, we attended a charity event at a local bistro. The place is called "Kitchen: a bistro" in fact, and it was voted the Number 1 restaurant on Long Island by Zagat in 2009.  The event was a wine pairing, with wines from Jamesport Vineyard, also on Long Island, paired with a five course meal of Kitchen's phenomenal fare.

We were in heaven that afternoon. Quite simply in heaven. We hadn't been out in quite a while, the food was a revelation and the wine was flowing— non-stop. I haven't been in that condition in quite some time. When we arrived home, not only did I pick up and carry the wrong Pug to go potty—Raz did in fact run downstairs while Blu was happily tucked under my arm—but in the backyard his leash leapt out of my hand and in an effort to catch him, I fell and sprained my foot. Tim noted—somewhat snidely and in much more colorful language—that I might consider losing the Frankenstein flip-flops as I spend quite a lot of time falling on my arse. Food for thought.

Anyway, the following weekend we decided to shop the Whole Foods Supermarket that had just opened in our area. It was there that himself decided to create his very own multiple course feast for us—in our kitchen—that very day! The meal was a work of art! I sous-chefed and and set the table while the artist created his masterpiece.

The meal, in my opinion, was as tasty and inventive as any dish we enjoyed the weekend before and I thought it might be nice to share. My sincere apologies, in advance, to any vegetarians who might be reading this, in fact you might want to skip this part. I am in fact a carnivore. I'm not proud of this but also just not ashamed enough to swear off...quite yet.

Appetizer:  Jumbo Sea Scallops seared in Meyer Lemon Olive Oil, topped with a grilled Bosc Pear medallion and a crispy bacon lardon.

Second Course: Seared New Zealand Lamb Chop lollipops, encrusted with pistachio nuts, cilantro, mint, scallions, rosemary, garlic, brown sugar and accompanied by a blackberry balsamic reduction served over bed of radicchio and watercress with a Sherry wine vinaigrette. Those are shown above.

Third Course: Pan seared, twenty-eight day, dry-aged Rib-Eye steak topped with a Sherried blue trumpet, crimini and shiitake mushroom medley.

Dessert: Pistachio ice cream topped with shaved Turkish Pistachio Chocolate and lightly sweetened vanilla whipped cream.



  1. Alrighty had me at the Frankenstein flip flops!

  2. My mouth is watering... You two are one of the most creative couples, ever. Keep the magic.


  3. AutumnLeaves, thank you! Very cool! :0)

    Don, you are too nice, thank you so very much. Himself thanks you as well!

  4. Suzanne!

    You're making me HUNGRY!

    Hope your foot is all healed by now!


  5. OMG. That sounds sooo delicious. Hope the foot's better...

  6. I'm a vegetarian. Thank you for the warning. I skipped down to the dessert description and began salivating.

    P.S. Why "Frankenstein" flip-flops?

  7. Dean, thanks, it was an incredible meal! The man can cook! And thanks the foot is much better!

    Leslie, thanks, it was really good. And the foot is fit, thank you.

    Jala, the Frankenstein flip-flops come from Rocket Dog and have a 3" rubber platform. They makes me look tall thin and blonde. i'm sending you an email as well. Thanks so much. I do apologize for the mostly meat menu.


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