Tuesday, April 27, 2010


16x20" oil on canvas

This is another donation painting that I've been working on. It's almost done. It's funny, but when I donated certificates to animal rescue organizations in the recent past, I received only one or two certificates back in return for portraits. Happily, I've gotten at least eight back within the last year and a half. Unhappily, my schedule has been haphazard at best, as I'm sure you'll remember from my near constant whining about the pups. But, again happily, I'm catching up.

Raz is just about healed, we're just waiting for that last x-ray.  As far as he's concerned however, he's 100%. Good thing too. His brother just discovered what other purpose his little hangie down parts might serve and is very fond of trying to mount him. Not good for hip replacement patients.

Back to work.


  1. Oh my goodness Suzanne, these two faces are absolutely precious! I love the perspective in this piece.

  2. Aren't they SWEET! And the painting is so nicely composed. These pups parents must be thrilled.

    Thanks for the nice comment. Sent you an email.

  3. Adorable!! I like how you did the background as just a solid—makes the dogs really shine.

    So glad Raz is doing better. Maybe you can give his brother a stuffed animal. My dog is very fond of a shamu stuffed animal—pretty scary and hard to explain to an eight year old.

    Thanks for you kind comments on my blog!

  4. Suzanne, your pet portraits have so much personality!

  5. these really do have a lot of personality as I know that breed does. You have captured them perfectly.

  6. Cute!! I wish I could pet them! You captured their wonderful expressions. Loved your story, too! LOL

  7. Love these, the fur is great! Glad to hear about the babies, mischievous little devils!

  8. What a wonderful portrait of this dynamic duo Suzanne! I am so glad to read Raz is doing better. You're such a good mom...

  9. I love the fur! And their happy little faces, I just love the whole dang thing Suzanne, it's perfect!!

  10. Teenage boys... whatayagonnado?

    Great portrait here, Suz. You just keep churning out great work. If this is what you mean about being "completely self-centered for the past week" then so be it... Keep 'em coming.


  11. My gosh, Suzanne. You make me laugh right out loud. I love your sense of humor. Oy! Puppies! Good thing they are so danged cute otherwise we'd have a mangled Bloodhound around here. Which reminds me...she needs spaying soon. GAH! Love this portrait and am especially tickled by the Shih Tzsu's barette!

  12. What a wonderful portrait of this two loveable hugable dogs..
    You may want to know that RAZ in Hebrew means secret..

  13. Great portraits Suzanne... they each have so much character. I'm sure their parents will be thrilled!

    Glad the pups are healthy... and normal!

  14. "Little hangy down parts": hahahahahha!!!!

    Very fun portrait.

  15. Sandy, thank you so very much! I was a little wary. I start with the eyes and there weren't any! And all that hair. I'm grateful it worked out and really appreciate your words.

    r garriott, thank you so much! Happily the mom and dad like it as well. chat soon my friend. hang in and paint on!

    Carol, thank you! I wasn't sure if the green would read as astroturf! And thank you, the Raz man is firing on all cylinders. That must be a little confusing to your four year old. I'm such a prude, I'd prefer not to think of my boys having...you know. And you are so welcome.

    Mona, thank you so much!

    Gary, thank you so very much! I'm not sure of the breeds and am thrilled by your comment.

    Linda, thank you so much for your kind words!

    Mary Ann, thanks so much, the fur was quite the chore. And thanks too for your comment about the babies. Blu is really focused this week! Time for the big snip I guess! Arrrrrgh!

    Sheila, thank you so much! Raz is so happy to be running around again. And thanks, I'm tryin'!

    Crystal, thank you so much! I really appreciate it.

    Don, you are too funny and right. I mean that's all that they thing about at that age right? And thank you so much, I'm feelin guilty but I keep saying I have to work.

    AutumnLeaves, thank you!! How kind of you to say that! And thanks for the comment on the painting. It was a bear. Blu is really focused on poor Raz's backside. I guess it's time for the big snip too. Arrrrgh!

    Irit, Thank you so much! And I'm thrilled to know what Raz's name means! I've been calling him my little secret all week.

    Nicki, thank you so very much! Happily the parents like it. I'm never sure until i get their feedback.

    Gerald, thank you!

    Jala, thanks so much. I was thinking of using
    "dangling participle"

  16. Well you know hair judging from this piece. Beautifully done. I am curious about your donation certificates. I did a few paintings for a couple of shelters here, and I don't think they benefited as much as they could have. I'd love to hear how your idea works.

  17. Suzanne!

    LOL at the "little hangie down parts" line!


  18. Suzanne, I just love your paintings, and your stories. How adorable are these pups. Wonderful work. Have a great weekend.


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