Monday, April 5, 2010


A daily painting! Hot damn. Angst-ridden, consumed with doubt, the old voice in fine form I watched the Jeff Hein DVD whilst working and pushed on. Not a great photo, but it'll do. See what happens when you don't work on a daily basis, or a daily painting in this case. Atrophy of the art fingers and expiration of one's artistic license.

It's so funny, working on the dogs I put myself through the usual nonsense but it's not at all like working on a daily. Seems I need to amp up the output.

This is not whining. I swear.

A Family Heirloom
5" x 7" (12.7cm x 17.8cm)
oil on board


  1. I think it looks delicious...ripe and red and ready to burst. Great birdseye view too!

  2. If this is what comes out when you're out of shape, I cannot wait to see what glorious things are coming when you get your daily painting licks back in full swing. Wow!


  3. Look at the beautiful shine on that tomato!! Great job!

  4. Excellent work, I like the reflection of light, just right.

  5. I've been browsing through your blog and let me tell you, your work is STUNNING! I love every piece and this post is just dang funny, your words not the painting :) The painting is gorgeous! Glad I found you, this is a fun place to be!

  6. Delicious and gorgeous, Suzanne!

    Glad to hear you're being so productive!


  7. This is lush, deep and joyous ... I love this!!!!

  8. Good for you!!!! You're making me feel guilty, I just posted after forever and said "I am not a daily painter"!!!!!! Glad you are finding the time and inspiration, and great idea on the Floaters!!!!

  9. Mouth-watering!
    whoooboy, I know that angst well.
    This is beautiful. You sure create magic in your work.

  10. Behind on checking up on what my fellow artists are up to. Hmm. I don't see where you have a reason to complain. If up to me you can keep that artistic lisence and if for some reason you threw it away in a moment of frustration. I can sell you one. Hee Hee!Love that last post with that great expression. Great work Suzanne

  11. Suzanne, another brilliant painting. No worries miss Suzanne. You are an amazing artist. Thank you for sharing your art and your feelings. You are not alone. Happy painting.


  12. First, my apologies for not thanking everyone sooner. My lateness in no way reflects my gratitude for visiting my blog and leaving your most generous comments.

    Gwen, thank you so much! It was fun and nerve racking. Gotta work more.

    Don, as always your comments mean so very much, thank you, thank you.

    AutumnLeaves, thank you, I so appreciate your comment.

    Deliah, thank you!

    Crystal, thanks so much, I left you a message.

    Dean, thank you! I'm gonna finish my envelope soon, i promise.

    Carol, Thank you....twice!

    Paul, thank you so much. Your work is breathtaking.

    Mary Anne, thank you so much on all fronts. I really miss the every day grind, it really fosters confidence, which I am in dire need of.

    L. Holm, thank you! I really appreciate your words.

    Gary, Thank you so much! I'll be in touch when my license expires again! :0)

    Joan, thank you so much, it's nice knowing that. Happy painting to you as well!

  13. Your work is gorgeous! The portrait on Robin Cheers blos is awesome!

  14. That artistic license of yours has definitely NOT expired! This is beautiful.

    Now... where's the knife and some salt... I'm hungry and that tomato looks luscious.

  15. What does that person really mean above Cecilia's comment/ I can't read his writing!!
    Seriously, i don't think kids of today understand those Easters of yore! You are right, they were so awesome, and in the cold northeast a real transition into Spring! I loved those new patten leather shoes and anklets, and all the pastel clothing. I don't think I have worn a hat since those years. Did you get a chinese jumprope and silly putty in your basket? The good old days!!
    This is a great depiction of that time, love the look on his face! Beautiful job!

  16. Incredible painting, Suzanne. Also love the darling portrait of the little boy. Crazy good!


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