Tuesday, September 30, 2008


5 x 5"
Oil on canvas

I love candy corn. Painting it almost as much fun as nibblin' on it. Of course these three pieces vanished almost immediately after posing for their portrait. I only bought a small tube of it, but I'm feelin' that sugar rush as we speak. A fitting daily for the first day of October. Oh, and Happy Birthday to himself!

5" x 5" (12.7cm x 12.7cm)
oil on canvas
$100 plus $12.95 shipping and handling in the US
E-mail me for International shipping rates or other inquiries.

Monday, September 29, 2008


5 X 5"
Oil on canvas

This is my new 401(k). Cute isn't he? Still have a touch of artist's flu, better known as sagging confidence and fear of the future, but I'm pressing on, no matter what. Every painting isn't going to be exactly what I want it to be and I have to accept that. I don't do this often, but himself suggested I have a couple of shots of germ killer, sans the raw clams. I did as instructed and afterward felt infinitely better. I needed some sort of creative satisfaction so we happily jammed into the wee hours and recorded it. The idiot voice finally shut up. Optimism abounds—at least for the rest of the day. Time to start another daily.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


6 X 8"
Oil on board

I have extreme painting dysmorphic syndrome today. I haven't posted in 2 days. I could do a painting in one day before I got accepted, now, nothing is working out. I can't stand anything I do. The idiot voice is screaming in my head. My husband assures me this is ready for prime time, and I'm just freaking out. This too shall pass. I heartily disagree, but I'm sure he's right. I will get a new start tomorrow. What I am not doing is quitting!! The idiot voice will not keep me down, it's just a figment of my imagination, like everything in this world.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


16 X 20"
Oil on canvas

This is the second in what I thought might be a series of "soap in the sun" paintings, but it's getting tedious. I did a smaller version of just two or three bottles for one of my first daily paintings. Still looking for that special subject matter that I just can't wait to paint. This ain't it. But, had to try right?

I have 3 dailies going and started another today. I have to aim for a rhythm that allows me to produce a daily in the morning and work on commissions and larger pieces in the after. The best way to do that is to prepare the first 2 layers of at least 5 dailies so that there are always a few waiting in the wings for bright work, my favorite part. Still battling laziness, the idiot voice and distractions but I'm still winning!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


16 X 20"
Oil on canvas

The daily designated for today—3 jalapenos on a paper towel— needs more work so I'm posting this onion study instead. The peppers are looking good, it's the quicker-picker upper that's haunting me. What a bear. All those little concentric quilted impressions. Snaps to me for even attempting this! Anyway, the idiot-voice was beginning to clear it's dark little throat, so I called it a day on that puppy.

I broke the reference photo for the onions up for 3 smaller dailies a few months back when I needed to save time for commissions and since I'm behind again, I think I'll use the complete study for today's daily post.

The photo reference was a tad dull so I turned up the volume on the colors a bit. Off to catch up on commissions.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


5 X 5"
Oil on canvas

Isn't this cute? I'd never seen one before. I was in the produce isle, foraging for daily subjects and saw this. It was a bit worse for wear as time had sucked away it's youth, but I think that made it more interesting. Like me. When it was first picked I'm sure the litle bonnet of foliage on top was quite dapper. The bumps are probably because it's beginning to spoil, but ya gotta love it, warts and all.

I'm much more tense about posting now that my paintings are available for sale on the Daily Painter's site. And, that's a good thing because I'm realizing how impatient and lazy I am. I left the daily I had planned for today out to dry yesterday. Perhaps we made a little too merry last night because it was still there this morning— complete with pooled droplets of dew—when I let Devlin the wonder dog out for his toilette! Oops.

A paper towel made everything ok, but I had to resurrect this piece which I tried to rush through on Friday and hated. And since I spent some time with it today, I really like it, so all is well. Slow and steady wins the race right?

Thursday, September 18, 2008


6 X 8
Oil on board
6 x 8"

I think I'm getting the hang of this now. I've got 4 dailies going—which is why I didn't post yesterday. And little by little, I'm beginning to see the importance of working in layers. I knew it was smart and I certainly admired the artists who work that way, but I'm so stubborn I didn't want to change my process, which has been a loose version of wet on wet. Silly me. And I couldn't figure out why my work always looked so sloppy! Um...duh!

This was started a long time ago when I thought it was possible to finish a linen piece in one day. I'd abandoned it. But it was at a stage that made it perfect to finish in one day! Anyway, this is still not up to snuff for me. I don't know what kind of standard the idiot voice is holding me up to, but I can only get better by continuing to work. And work I will.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


6 X 6"
Oil on linen

I'm an emotional wreck. I have acute painting dysmorphic syndrome, I feel like a fraud and I want to throw my hands up and quit. I think it's all because I got accepted to the Daily Painter's website. One would think the voice would be pleased. I've been doing dailies for four months. Had my ups and downs, failing confidence, momentary arrogance. Now suddenly, I'm a complete fraud and I'm throwing up my hands wondering what made me think I could ever do this!

Can you believe the voice? The idiot voice! What's the big deal? Why is it so afraid of any degree of success? It was a little hard to ignore today, so I gave in and had quite the little pity party. Might as well get if over with and start fresh tomorrow. Sometimes ya just gotta feel like poop. But, I am not now, nor will I ever give up.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


54 X 24"
Oil on canvas

This is one of my gallery pieces, or hopefully gallery pieces. I want to have at least 8-10 before I shop around. Or is that just an excuse to delay any rejection? Probably. But, as long as I'm working, right?

I had a photo I'd taken a while back of my friend napping on the lawn of an arboretum we were visiting. I wanted to use the shot but also wanted to make somewhat of a statement, so I decided to position him floating above the planet, taking a really serious nap. When I look at it I get the feeling of being able to float above the chaos. If only.

Friday, September 12, 2008


18 x 18"
Oil on canvas

Another commission as daily times 3 again. It seems everything happens at once. The Daily Painter's accepted my blog and I am so excited I can't seem to paint! Fifty plus paintings in, I'm thinkin' I'm set. I can do this. No biggie. Then I get accepted and I'm painting like it's my first day in kindergarten and I lost my crayons! To be expected. The trick is not making a big deal out of it and press on. Let the ego/idiot voice do it's evil dance until it exhausts itself. I'm busy working. I am very happy and excited about this new phase of my career as a fine artist! It felt like Christmas eve last night!

Still have some bright work to do but drying is necessary so I'll jump on something else. I now understand the wisdom and necessity of having a few dailies going at one time. This little guy is just so amazing I'm considering adding to the family. Devlin needs a little furry sibling to keep him young. Enjoy the weekend.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


16 x 20"
Oil on canvas

I'm busy with commissions and unable to post a daily for a few. I miss them. I curl up in my jammies at night with such a sense of accomplishment when I'm done. But, I'm really enjoying the pups I'm painting now. Anyway, this was my very first horse commission about 2 years ago.


Can you believe it? I'm going to try and talk him into blogging about his work. It is so incredible, so extensive, so creative. This is a detail of one of the layers. Enjoy!


What can I say. It's a long, strange trippy story. I'll try to keep it short.

Himself and I decided to let the law in on our party roughly fifteen years back so that we could reap the legal benefits of married couples. We're very private, shy people, very much aware of the need to cultivate that aloof artist vibe, so naturally quick, quiet and private would be the way to go. When a close friend heard the news, he insisted he be included and we were only too happy to do so. On the appointed day, we left the house we'd been sharing for 2 years, headed down to a beautiful little town nestled on the Sound to the Justice of the Peace and did the deed, enjoyed incredible vittles at our favorite establishment at the time and came back home. A few days later we would set off to Lake Placid to attend the wedding of some close friends who thought it'd be cool to marry on the side of a mountain. We all needed mouth to mouth by the time we reached the spot, already attended by nipping horse flys the size of grapes. But I digress.

Fast forward to this past weekend. The friend who attended our wedding was coming for a long over-due visit. In fact, he hadn't darkened our door since that wonderful day, fifteen years ago. He is an artist as well, and we'd discussed some work I could print out for his use so it was to be a 2-3 day working visit.

He arrived on schedule. In his van were at least between 25-30 beautifully wrapped gifts: 4 antique chairs, a plastic bin full of pre-cut, brightly colored felt hearts—which he planned to throw indiscriminately about the house and sidewalk; white streamers; two of those fold out white wedding bells; two rather large, hand-made sombrero type foam core hats—complete with chin ribbons onto which we were to attach every silk flower that adorned each gift; and last but not least, a fully-cooked Italian Sunday gravy meal, complete with 3 kinds of meat and the thickest spagetti I've ever seen. And, I'm sure I've left some items out!

Having just finished cleaning the house and finally putting the store room back in order, I was not at all feelin' the hearts, or the streamers, or the bells. Now I regret it, it would have been such fun. But, I was beat and as he excitedly laid out plans for the evenings festivities I was stunned into a horrified silence. Also, I thought of himself, who had just told me on the phone that he might be having what could quite possibly be called the worst day of his career as a graphic artist. He would be coming home to what basically amounted to a Wedding Shower Mardi Gras Ambush!

Our friend told us that even though we'd escaped for 15 years, we had to, like everyone else who gets married, suffer the degradation, embrassment and humiliation of a wedding shower. Himself arrived home and immediately jumped into the spirit of the night and we had a wonderful time, even with my grumping about the mess and space I would have to now make for all the stuff he brought. Can you believe my cheek? In my defense, I'm not a complete witch. Some of the stuff was stuff he couldn't bring himself to toss in the bin, but most of it was simply divine and thoughtful. We were presented with 3 beautifully framed original wood-cut prints, more platters than I'll ever need and an entire truckload of subjects for my daily paintings! There will be no more complaining about not having anything old and interesting to paint I can tell you.

And now to the cake. It is simply amazing. He could make a fortune creating fabric replicas of wedding cakes! We didn't have a cake at all, but now we do and it will last longer than we will, I'm sure. Our life span, not the union. We were speechless. He even created a sturdy foam-core box in which to store it! Words can't describe. It was one of the nicest gifts we've ever been given and we'll cherish it and that really strange night forever.

Thank you Jeff, we love you too.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


16 x 20"
Oil on gallery wrapped canvas

This is another commission as daily x 3 days. With deadlines approaching I'm doubling up and doing commissions that I'll post as dailies. Another great client photo made this one so much fun to do. I'm trying the bright color, flat background on this one too. I think they're working pretty well.

I really missed painting a regular daily these past few days. I got some great snaps with the digital and can't wait to get them started. Have I mentioned how much I love the new studio? Really? That many times?