Friday, September 12, 2008


18 x 18"
Oil on canvas

Another commission as daily times 3 again. It seems everything happens at once. The Daily Painter's accepted my blog and I am so excited I can't seem to paint! Fifty plus paintings in, I'm thinkin' I'm set. I can do this. No biggie. Then I get accepted and I'm painting like it's my first day in kindergarten and I lost my crayons! To be expected. The trick is not making a big deal out of it and press on. Let the ego/idiot voice do it's evil dance until it exhausts itself. I'm busy working. I am very happy and excited about this new phase of my career as a fine artist! It felt like Christmas eve last night!

Still have some bright work to do but drying is necessary so I'll jump on something else. I now understand the wisdom and necessity of having a few dailies going at one time. This little guy is just so amazing I'm considering adding to the family. Devlin needs a little furry sibling to keep him young. Enjoy the weekend.

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