Monday, September 29, 2008


5 X 5"
Oil on canvas

This is my new 401(k). Cute isn't he? Still have a touch of artist's flu, better known as sagging confidence and fear of the future, but I'm pressing on, no matter what. Every painting isn't going to be exactly what I want it to be and I have to accept that. I don't do this often, but himself suggested I have a couple of shots of germ killer, sans the raw clams. I did as instructed and afterward felt infinitely better. I needed some sort of creative satisfaction so we happily jammed into the wee hours and recorded it. The idiot voice finally shut up. Optimism abounds—at least for the rest of the day. Time to start another daily.


  1. Don't listen to those voices because this is done very well. To use that many different colors of purple and you achieved much success in doing so. Keep painting we all love them.

  2. I completely love this painting. The small touch of warmer pink is brilliant! This painting straight away caught my eye!


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