Tuesday, September 23, 2008


16 X 20"
Oil on canvas

The daily designated for today—3 jalapenos on a paper towel— needs more work so I'm posting this onion study instead. The peppers are looking good, it's the quicker-picker upper that's haunting me. What a bear. All those little concentric quilted impressions. Snaps to me for even attempting this! Anyway, the idiot-voice was beginning to clear it's dark little throat, so I called it a day on that puppy.

I broke the reference photo for the onions up for 3 smaller dailies a few months back when I needed to save time for commissions and since I'm behind again, I think I'll use the complete study for today's daily post.

The photo reference was a tad dull so I turned up the volume on the colors a bit. Off to catch up on commissions.

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