Tuesday, March 23, 2010



I'm being held captive by these two ferocious furry freaks! I'm a prisoner on my own bed, even while they sleep! So exhausted and thankful for the silence, I shudder at the thought of moving a muscle for fear they will stir and the struggle will begin anew.

Some thoughts from a Pug mom, clearly in over her head...

A word to whoever it was that told us Pugs don't bark. Bite me!

Another word to whoever it was that said Pugs are the perfect dry run if one is considering human infants. You're right!

Will I ever be able to paint, uninterrupted, for more than 10 minutes at a time?

Will there be a time, on the way to the loo at 3 am, that we don't trip over a platoon of pillows standing guard to catch the occasional falling Pug! Why does Raz insist upon hugging the edge of the bed? Edge hugger!

Is that grunting sound a warning or a plea? I discovered last week it can be either one.

Will the hip replacement "take," even though Raz does his best Mikhail Baryshnikov while "resting" in his crate?

Why is it I'm looking forward to a trip to the grocery store?

Does himself really think I'll consent to breeding them and keeping a puppy?

And finally, anal sacs are a gift from hell, lovingly wrapped by the devil himself!

I'm posting one painting a month, if I'm lucky. I'm receiving, shall we say, less than kind notes from impatient clients. I'm cranky, pissed off and feel like I'll never have time to do what I want, ever again!

Uh oh! Wait! Their doin' that "Children of the Corn" thing with their eyes again! Hold me, I'm frightened! Don't look Suz! I won't look, you can't make me! Avert your eyes! Avert your eyes! Too late...

I'm melting!! (for full effect, please read like the witch in The Wizard of Oz)

Please don't forget me! I might actually be posting a painting this week!


  1. How could I ever forget YOU, Suz? You're one of the best painters I know.

    You'll get your life back - eventually... Actually, what will happen is you and the pups will develop a rhythm that becomes your new "normal". Until then, keep your head up and your humor switch engaged, while juggling those pups and the rest of what life sends your way. (BTW, take care of them clients - you'll want 'em around still when "normal" shows back up).



  2. Hahaha--you're funny even while desperate.
    Ideas, ideas, hmm... some people in my neighborhood (especially who have young pups) sort of trade off doggy day care during the day...they put all the dogs in one person's backyard for the afternoon. Then at least people get a few hours to get stuff done on their own... Barring that, got any suckers, er, I mean friends, you can at least foist 'em off onto for a couple hours every couple of days or so?
    They really sound like human infants...I have no experience whatsoever with Poubles, so can only sympathize. How old are they now?

  3. I laughed when I read about your plight! As a fellow dog owner, I can totally understand (she's a lab cross, 4yrs). How old are your little guys? It sounds like they are still pretty young. And how is Raz's hip doing?
    Don't worry, the routine will come ... I realized early on with my dog that it just doesn't work to have her in my studio space - too distracting. Maybe when she's old and sleeps more than now. If we ever get another dog, I may bypass the puppy stage. As much as I loved it, it was soooooo much work!

  4. Forgot to mention that your pugs are so gorgeous! I want to paint their cute faces...

  5. Oh my, I'm having flashbacks to when my boys were little... it actually sounds quite comparable... minus the anal sacs! I feel your pain and your sleep deprivation. Hang in there!

  6. Children of The Corn eyes?!!! BWAAHAHAH!....I just spit my water out laughing so hard. You are so hilarious! Come on....you know you love the little buggers.

  7. I agree with Don!

    We could never forget you, Suzanne!

    Man, I'm glad I don't have pugs after reading this post! I literally said, "Gross!" upon reading "anal sacs".

    They are still very much pups, right? Perhaps as they get older they'll ease up on you some.



  8. Good golly...Find your blog by way of Carol Nelson and this entry alone will have me coming back. I haven't had so many giggles in awhile. We have an almost 6 month old Bloodhound puppy, female. That dog is driving me to distraction (we have two older males of two other breeds that never gave us a moment of trouble). I have no clue what came over me when we agreed to take this girl. I don't know what I was thinking. I still don't know what I'm thinking. For good pug advice, you might check in with Nancy Medina (I don't have her blog address handy but if you are of a mind, you can find it on my sidebar blogs I follow). Now? I'm off to read more of this wonderful blog!


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