Tuesday, March 2, 2010


oil on canvas
in progress

Trying to steal some studio time in between being a Pug Mom. We had a nasty scare with the Raz Man, but thankfully it was just a stomach thing. Then Blu decided to favor us with...well, what can one say...two words should do it actually. Anal sacs. I'll say no more, except it's a good thing these little critters have stolen our hearts and hidden them away. I'm learning to be more patient and less selfish if that helps.

I'm still working on this. I get to a place where the simple application of a line seems beyond my ability. I'll put it away for another few weeks. I remember announcing that I'd get back to doing a painting a day in January. Ha! I'm lucky if I get one or two done a month at this rate! I feel the dark place beckoning so I'll just stop right there, except to say...I keep asking myself...what did you think was gonna happen? You bought two—not one—but two Pug puppies, renowned for multiple health problems and the need of your full attention and you thought...what?...you were somehow going to get more time to paint? Kinda like asking Roseanne Barr to sing the National Anthem and then getting offended when she grabs her crotch, no? Clearly we create our own ca-ca and then try to blame it on two little innocent puppies. We were so heartbroken when Dev died we forgot we didn't even like him for the first two years!

Thank you so much for your kind and supportive comments for my little story in my last post. I want to say something meaningful here, but for once it seems I am at a loss for words.


  1. Hang in there Suzanne, you are not alone. You have two little pugs to tend to, I have little grandchildren and another on the way. Life aint easy, but you are doing a wonderful job maintaining your excellence in your work. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Love this one and the asparagus! I so admire the simplicity and beauty. So sorry the puppies have had such a hard time—I am sure they will be all better soon and you will be cranking out the paintings. :)

  3. Hang in there, sister, and keep painting these beautiful works when you can. The orange reflected color here is SPECTACULAR! I don't know of any artist that "sees" better than you. You constantly amaze me.


  4. Suze, you are SO funny! I can only imagine what 2 pups are like...we have 3 miniature schnauzers, but a couple years apart. Our life revolves around them, for sure

  5. hahaha! oh my . . . thanks for the happy chuckles! all of our animals are over 10 (the dog's 12!) & i keep saying, "no more after this batch!" but . . .

    the light & the colors in this one are amazing, delicate . . . really beautiful! thank you for showing us!

  6. Oh. TWO pug puppies? You may not paint for MONTHS! My little Paco just turned one, and it's been a washout year for me. It's like having a baby. Just when I thought we were out of the woods he's developed allergies which leave him itching and scratching 24/7, to the point where he's driven so crazy that he CRIES. Seriously. I'm a wreck, and I can hardly paint. I'm cooking healthy, natural food for him, too (my husband says, half in jest, that Paco is the only one I'll cook for!). I'm wishing you some peace, and some love (which, of course you get with pugs) and some time and space to paint.

  7. This is already beautiful, I am anxious to see what your process will be with it.

    Thanks for all the lovely comments, you must know a good comment day can be a real upper!

  8. Suzanne!

    This latest piece is off to a good start! Can't wait see how you finish it off....if you ever get to with those pugs keeping your hands full!



  9. This is looking soooo beautiful!
    Sorry to hear about continuing pug troubles (poubles?). I meant to ask if you'd gotten pet insurance and if so if it is coming in handy (though I think they make you wait a while before it starts or some such nonsense).
    I wish you happier days ahead.
    I had to laugh (wryly) when you said that about not even liking your beloved dog for the first couple of years. I've also felt that way about certain pets, then ended up loving them anyway. We can't help ourselves.

  10. Getting away has been amazing, Suzanne. Gives a whole new perspective and I am leaving so much behind, with not a look back! I am lucky to be able to do this, it's kind of an experiment as we are getting older with prospects of slowing down or retirement. (Still a ways away) I dragged my husband for 2 weeks and to my pleasure, he can see the possibility!!! NE is just too cold for future old age, I'm riding a bike and walking, no car and blending in. Colors, light, characters of every kind and great weather are very cathartic right now, things just get stale if we stay put too long!!
    Hope the Pugs are keeping you entertained, and Daz Man is healing!

  11. This is so beautiful, Suzanne. Love that warm glow.

    Hey, just take a deep breath and know the dawn always follows the dark. Your babies need you now. No worries,maybe you need a small break to re-energize? I have heard that Pugs are like trial runs for real children and you have twins! They'll be grown and on their own before you know it.

    Big hugs, my friend and healing wishes for your pups.

  12. Too funny, Suzanne.
    Any pup is so much work but Pugs?? Yep. You bit off a big chew.
    Great painting. The texture of the canvas is even part of this one.

  13. I must again apologize to everyone for my late arrival to thank you all, the critters are amazingly distracting!

    Joan, thank you so very much! I really appreciate your words, I'm feeling like such a loser not working. Congratulations on your expected addition!

    Carol, how nice of you, thank you! I have to just bite the bullet and not answer their every complaint. As long as they stay healthy I'll be thrilled. Thank you again.

    Don, Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your comments mean so much to me, I appreciate them so very much.

    Vicki, thank you. It's like having twins! I have no idea WHAT we were thinking! They do just steal your heart don't they?

    Dusty, thank you so much. I know what you mean, we said we'd give ourselves at least a year before taking the plunge again. We lasted 3 months. I know when their older I'll look back on this fondly, but I can't wait! And thank you so much for you kind words about the painting.

    Kelley, Wow!! Thank you so much for sharing! I feel a tad silly complaining about pups, but they are just like babies aren't they? I'm so sorry to hear of Paco's problems! I hope it clears up soon. They really do wreak havoc on your nerves and emotions don't they? Thank you so much, I wish you love the time to paint as well.

    Carol, thank you so much. And you are so welcome.

    Dean, thanks so much. I'm finally beginning to work on my mail piece too! Hope you're doing well.

    Jala, Poubles!! Love it! So true and thanks. We're trying to wait for a spell when they're both healthy before getting the insurance. I imagine it works like humans right? Wonder if pugs are high risk? Thanks so much for your words.

    Michelle, thank you very much.

    I'm sure there's a way to translate and I'll find it, but until then, thank you so much for your comment.

    Mary Ann, I am green with envy..ooo...and just in time for St. Pat's day too. Your are soooo right, getting away, changing what we look at every day, changing the thoughts we've attached to what we see, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Your blog just lifts my spirits so much! And thanks, the Daz Man is great and so is little blu.

    Gwen, thank you so much. I love that analogy. Pugs are definitely a dry run for real babies. It's quite the experience, but they just steal my heart every time I look at them. And those noises! Amazing. However, I'll love them even more when they're all growed up! Thank you so much for the much needed hugs and healing wishes.

  14. Gary, thank you! I'm new to the Pug experience and am getting each and every Pug urban myth! And thank you so much for your kind words about the painting.

  15. suzanne,
    don't worry...
    the thing is that you are a great artist...
    like the 3D effect...
    also liked Artichoke One and the look on the face of "margo"...

  16. Hi again Suzanne,
    Yep, the insurance is like for humans...they won't cover pre-existing conditions, and all that bullshit. And yes, honestly, there are probably certain breed-related problems they might refuse to cover. But you'll have to ask about it from all the diff. insurances.
    Till then, good luck with your Poubles! :)


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