Friday, June 27, 2008

STONES In ProgressThree

40 x 30"
Oil on canvas
In Progress

I have a plan! At last! I am going to split up my time. Four days on dailies, 3 days on larger pieces. That's far. We'll see how that works out. I need the discipline of doing a daily but I also need to get the larger pieces done and start new ones. Even putting in a few in the wee hours before hubs wakes on weekends, is better than not working at all on them.

This is coming along. I'm so used to finishing up in one day, this piece is beginning to feel endless—and I've only put in about 7 hours so far. Months of work will be required to finish this puppy correctly, but I am up for the challenge. Another plus, daily speaking, is that I have a need to finish pieces now, instead of letting them languish for months. Last night I actually feel asleep thinking of painting, the feel of the brush on the canvas, that little tingle of excitement when forms suddenly seem to have depth and dimension. Nice, very nice. Enjoy the weekend!

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