Monday, June 2, 2008

In Progress Two

In Progress Two
40 x 30" Oil on canvas
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Although I didn't post this weekend, alas!...I was working! Something is wrong with me. I can't stay away from my easel. I'm checking under our bed for that empty pod, himself had wondered about, this is beginning to get a little spooky.

Of course it could be that I received my favorite art magazine in the mail, featuring what I intend to be my future. Nothing humbles one more than those better than they are. And aren't we fortunate to be able to not only accept that but also learn from it. Having said that, I really hate when that happens, but if I'm able to get past the voice, aka - the ego, I can open up and learn. I'm not going to pretend I enjoy it.

Now that I'm done proselytizing, I happily continued on with the "Stones", or as yet untitled. I am finding that the discipline it takes to make a 4 x 4" painting work has carried over to painting on larger canvasses for me. I have a habit of faking it till I find it. A million lines, strokes of the brush, dabbles 'o color, until, hopefully, when I step back, I'll see the right one. Won't work that small. So, I've had to be more exact, more definite. I find I'm studying the shapes of shadows, the value and tone of a highlight like I never have before. So, basically, one has to work to improve...who knew?


  1. Oh, So Very Nice !! I love the lights in this one, and all the beautiful color.... This would be fun to see in person. That size is hard for me to imagine.... beautiful, Suzanne

  2. Suzanne, like a million points of light this painting speaks to me each point trying to grab my attention. As I ponder over each one I am left with one thought........How did you do that?


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