Thursday, June 19, 2008


12 x 12"
Oil on canvas

I haven't been able to paint a daily for 2 days now. And now I see, by my reaction, that I have put all my eggs into the daily painting basket—so perhaps this is not a bad thing. I've been so focused on not blowing this off, I've forgotten I'm supposed to be creatively stoked! Time to step back and not take myself or what I do seriously.

Yesterday was spent tidying for company that had to cancel, but at least the house is spotless. And today, my planned cupscape wasn't the proportion I need for the canvas I have, the digital won't mount on my computer and I hate all of my other reference shots. Whine much? I'm not stopping, I'm just getting some perspective. I will post a daily tomorrow.

My dog always makes me smile. I want to smile today so I thought I'd post one of my first paintings of our Chocolate Lab, Devlin. He is a superstar. We work to keep him in house and home. He sleeps firmly implanted between us on the California King. He is art in motion and he always makes me smile.

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