Thursday, June 12, 2008


12 X 12" Oil on canvas
Please contact me through for purchase info.

I wanted to try something different. When one constantly paints food, there's talk.

Actually, I tried two new approaches. I admired an artist's work online and she suggested painting the canvas black and building the painting from there. Well, the white dots are eliminated, but, we're talkin' a couple 'o coats here, this ain't gonna fly for a daily. I kept thinking I had black paint in my brush, the more I applied the paint the darker it became. As a result, I'm hoping for another bright hot day tomorrow so I can put this puppy out to bake and hopefully finish it up after I finish my Friday daily.

It's graphically ok now, but when it's done, it will hopefully be more interesting. Still I'm thrilled with my new pioneer-like attitude!

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