Thursday, June 26, 2008


6 x 6"
Oil on canvas
Please contact me through
for purchase details

I'm really excited about this one. Searching throughout the house for objects to paint, I came upon this wooden hand and an old pitcher. I never used the wooden hand for drawing exercises. I always propped it up somewhere, with the offending digit calling attention to itself or the peace sign displayed, depending upon the mood.

But when I took them outside, I photographed some interesting interaction that seemed to spontaneously combust between the two objects. They apparently took an instant liking to one another. More to come on their developing relationship in future dailies.

Also, I find our picnic table portrayed in any number of incarnations in my paintings. At the present, I like the geometric lines it adds, so I think I'll just keep it in. It's beginning to rain. Heavy sigh.

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