Tuesday, June 10, 2008


5 X 5" Oil on canvas
Please contact me at www.suzanneberry.com for purchase info.

Obviously this isn't finished. There was no way the copy could be painted on the surface of this can today. So, I put it outside. On the table. In the backyard sun. It's 96 today. It dried. What wouldn't? I don't think I'll finish it today though. I've cleaned up and put everything away, so I'll tackle the copy on the can first thing tomorrow, before I start Wed's. daily.

The can is a favorite of ours. Himself is, as I've mentioned, quite the cook. There's no one easier to buy gifts for than an aspiring chef. This was gourmet salt, gray salt to be exact, his favorite. And so many interesting uses for the empty can! Tuesday's daily is obviously one.

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