Thursday, March 22, 2012


Hello everyone and thank you so very much for all of your messages of support and condolence. It's been very difficult for me as you can imagine. My initial outlook changed drastically when the numbness subsided, however I feel I'm beginning to find my way.

I'm posting today to let you all know that I'm doing better and to thank you for your incredible support,
messages, cards and phone calls. It's amazing how much this helps. I hope to be back at work soon, but I'm just not sure when. I appreciate knowing that I'm missed and that you care more than I can express.

Also, there should be some sort of law against hacking emails of those who recently lost a loved one, but I guess not. If you've received a strangely upbeat email from me, or any email that isn't very obviously from me...well it ain't me! I'm so sorry for the inconvenience. It's boggles the mind that some folks have nothing better to do with their time than to mess about with hacking etc.

Thank you so very much and I hope to be back soon.



  1. Dear Suzanne,
    I am very sorry for your loss. I cant imagine how it must feel to lose someone so close to you. I pray his soul rests in peace. May you have toe strength to carry on and find peace in your art once again.
    God bless,

  2. So glad to hear that you are carrying on even though it is difficult. The hacking of emails is indeed unbelievably crass but it sounds like you are not letting it upset you unduly. Keep at your painting and eventually it will once again be a source of joy for you. I think Tim would want that for you.

  3. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest email hackers! More so if they do it to someone who's stressed enough already.

    Take one day at a time. Sometimes one hour at a time. You'll get back to a more comfortable place again. You've probably heard that a thousand times in the last few weeks and part of you rails at the stupidity of the phrase, even if it becomes reality in hindsight.

    Its good to hear things are beginning to move slowly into focus for you.

  4. Hi Suz,

    Take your time and do what you need to do to get through each day. Your fans and friends aren't going anywhere.

    Stupid email hacker. I hope someone paints a really bad portrait of him someday.


  5. It's SO good just to hear from you again, Suzanne. I hope you are well and remember you are in our thoughts. As far as email hackers..its very sad that they don't have anything else to do!!

  6. Hang in there...

    as far as the email hacker goes... it is sort of a good thing...
    ..well, at least I now know you haven't had a few too many fruit loops.
    (levity goes a long way my Dad always said)

  7. Hi Suz
    No we have not received any bazar emails from you- and if we did- we would know it was not you, and we would tell that hijaker where to go.
    One of my other friends got some emails awhile back from a hijacker that pretened to be their friend. Too much craziness!
    As you find your way- please know we are right beside you.
    Yes , we miss you so much,,, but - take your time. We are right here- every second.
    huggs and puggy kissys to you, Raz and Blue

  8. good to hear from the real you Suz... yep i might have received one of the bogus emails and responded to 'you'... that really peeves me off when these creatures crawl out from under their stones to do something pathetic like this...
    hope you are well.... hugs r.

  9. It's really nice to see a post from you Suzanne. At least we all know that you are battling through... I haven't received any emails from you from a Hacker and I am sure I would know straight away. What an insensitive thing someone could do - Shame on them! I hope you are staying strong xx :0)

  10. I did get two emails, but no worries. I could tell they were the work of a hacker/spammer so I didn't open the links. My heart and thoughts and prayers are with you Suz. It takes time to form a scab and a scar. You just take care of you.

  11. Hello, my Gunkie! It's so good to hear from you, even if it's about hackers [may their computers blow up in front of them] I think of you often, and am glad you are staying strong.

  12. Just stopping in to give you a cyber hug.

  13. I got those emails, Suz, but couldn't bear to be the one to tell you.... Just breathe.. I've cursed the hacker for you. Get through every day as best you can. Check in every now and then - we love you out here in cyberspace, you know...

  14. It's so good to read a post from you WHENEVER you feel like checking in.
    I look at your blog every day, hoping to see a new one. I continue to send good wishes and prayers your way at the same time. Stay strong.

  15. We are missing you. Your very special to us.
    Please feel our love that we are sending!


  16. Thanks so much for letting us know how you are Suz. I think about you every day and you are in my prayers. Hugs, Madison

  17. {{Suzanne}}

    Hope you feel the hug!


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