Thursday, April 16, 2015

VENUS the Charger Lady

Venus the Charger Lady
9x9" pencil on paper

Okay! So, here you have it! Still not feelin' the flow. It is the strangest feeling going into the studio, fully expecting to work and minutes later finding myself in the living room, on the couch looking out the window! Still. No. Desire. To. Work. At. All!

Heavy sigh!

I wanted to do Venus in oil, however even squeezing it out of the tube onto the palette sheet felt wrong, so I tried a pencil sketch. Whateva! Not gonna stress. This has happened before and will again, for whatever reason. The ego gets off on me analyzing it and trying to figure out what the end game is, so screw it, not gonna do it. I have far too much to be grateful for to get my drawers all twisted because I don't feel like creating. This too shall pass.

Yeah, I know. But when?

In the meantime, I promised myself I'd keep darkening the studio door and attempting to work. We'll see.

Oh, yeah, Venus. Let me 'splain. She literally charges the iPad up. It slips right into the handy little slot of her mitten-like fingers, rests snugly against her enormous mammillia and sucks up energy through a little port thingy near what should be her navel. A little strange but so unique. I love her. She looks like sculpture, sitting proudly on the coffee table, right next to the starfish my budly Brenda sent me last year in a goodie box.

Thank you so much for your patience and for stopping by. I so hope to be posting something of substance soon! Don't give up on me!


  1. I can SO understand where you're at, Suzanne. I get in the same exact head space and it can be frustrating. Top that with knowing there are artists out there that never seem to hit these patches and continue to create on a daily basis come Hell or high water so then I can add guilt to the pile as well. But I'm like you...if I'm not feeling it, it ain't happenin'. It's refreshing to see a like minded spirit. Thanks! You made my day.

  2. This marvelous sculpture looks very much like a piece by Francsico Zuniga.
    He was a fabulous artist who also painted and drew the large Mexican woman with grace and strength.
    You can see where the influence for your handy charger comes from.
    I have been going through a weird place with my art too so I sympathize. Yours sounds like a block but mine is different but when I wrote about it on my blog with a call for help - the responses were amazing and very helpful. You may find it interesting to read them.
    Our blogging friends are truly a gift.
    Hope you start painting with joy pretty soon.

  3. This is really good Suzanne! I feel like I'm in a bit of a rut with my portraits. I'm not sure what's going on but Im having problems in getting the likeness SO instead of stressing I'll do some landscapes. So I understand what your going through! I think it's norm feeling like this... Hugs!

  4. Thank you for trusting your feelings with us Suz.
    We understand,,, sometimes there is just no words,,,
    and so I try to "just be" and sometimes ,, its sitting and staring!

  5. Well as you know I have already commented on the Naked blog! :0)

  6. Give up on you? Never!! At least you picked up a pencil and managed a cool drawing. Last time I did that I was so embarrassed of myself it went right in the trash after I doodled all around the mess I'd made. LoL Yes, it will pass; it always does.

  7. Empathizing ... I woke up this morning having thoughts about what the end game is. Don't think we'll ever figure out that one. Just be - it will come back.

  8. Just go with the flow, Suzanne. You owe us nothing. Be comfortable in your own skin... and do what YOU need to do...whatever that may be. 💜

  9. where in the world did you find Venus...? she is fantastic and I love your drawing of her. I have one blogging friend who often doesn't draw or paint. I still always find whatever she is doing to be interesting. I know we all have "art" blogs...but why must there always be art on them??, really why? I just know that you know yourself best and that you're doing the right thing by doing things your way! :)

  10. the Venus is amazing. So darn cool.

    If you notice I've made about a half dozen posts this winter. Did a lot of outdoor painting " studies" that I didn't post. But I'm not always feeling it either.
    I haven't been myself sInce I lost my Mama. My mojo comes and goes and painting just to post is more like work than fun. Like Kathryn said, sometimes I wonder what the 'end game is'.
    Life is a tough journey with moments of joy.
    My mantras are:
    Tomorrow's another day ~ and~ I have nothing to prove to anyone except myself , and I'm impossible to please :D
    Thanks for sharing so we can share too.


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