Wednesday, April 29, 2015


8x8" oil on canvas


It's entitled Joy because I finally did some work! Still not feeling any jets of desire to paint but
at least I darkened the door. Not whining or complaining, it is what it is and there's nothing wrong with not feelin' the love.

Decided I was just passively allowing this to happen and forced studio time. Probably have painted this before as I went through my reference shots and picked the first thing that I thought would be fun. The old feeling of joy did surface for a bit which felt nice. I'm sure the more I work the better I'll feel. Why I can't apply "your thoughts create your experience" to this particular subject is a mystery I'm working on daily to crack.

I do feel like painting....I do feel like painting...I do feel like...

Thanks for dropping by and thanks for your patience.


  1. I thought i was the only artist who wasn't painting trying not to let anyone find out. :)
    So glad i dropped by Suzanne. Nice to see some of your work again and read some posts. Your lady bug paintings popped up and i sure enjoyed seeing them, also the caterpillar. I have a thing for insects. Good title for your painting. There is joy there! Hope all is well. Lovely to visit. Now i'm going to darken my studio door. You've inspired me. :)

  2. Oh dear what a spot on post! Inspirational. Thank you
    And Ross joins in with words I know all too well..."not let anyone find out."
    The photo above of your painting is exactly the project I have next on a drawing I'm trying to finish. I keep telling myself...oh just wrinkle a tissue and draw it already! I will, but using paper. :)

  3. I'm sure its a seasonal thing Suz as I'm going through the same right now. I'm trying to push out of it, but its hard. I'm doing little pieces here and there and sketching but my heart's not in it as it usually is.

    I hope it changes soon as I left a full time job to do this! I know real inspiration is close at hand. I can feel it stirring. I wish the same for you.

  4. Dearest Suz,,, mommy and me are feeling those feelings too,,
    they will blow off into the distance when we least expect it,,, is what were told.
    We love those beautiful wrinkles- that you painted they look so soft and fluffy

  5. Good golly, Suz! I think this is just stunning!! The colors, the depth and texture of the on perfection. You continue to amaze me, my friend.

  6. I love "Joy"! And I think, too, that just 'keeping your hand in... to a point, is a good thing. There WILL be that delicious moment when you feel the muse arising and can't WAIT to get to the easel. It will happen. xoxo

  7. Well done Suzanne! This is a wonderful study on folds...not an easy painting!

  8. Artists ache when they lose the muse...but your muse will return in full power, she's just taking a long extended break. In the meantime, watch art DVDs, look through art mags, drink some nice tea or coffee and watch the birds outside your house, and remember, we're all in this together, Suz and we're rooting for you all the way! By the way, whether you 've painted this before or not, it's is very beautifully done :) Have a good weekend.

  9. Recently I have been sketching more instead of painting so much. It's like painting "lite" for me. Setting out paint is just so much work! hahaha---picking up a pen or pencil so much less work and still very satisfying. You did an outstanding job of those folds. You like a challenge for sure. :)

  10. I think there was something in the air - it seems so many of us felt it. I DO think you've especially had a reason or two to feel less than enthusiastic. But that ole magic well return! Hugs

  11. This is a fun painting to look at... the ins and outs of the folds are comforting and interesting. I can identify with your painting struggles, dear Girl. It's not fun to force oneself to pick up the brush, but it is still good to do so. I hope the joy of working becomes a regular experience soon.


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