Wednesday, May 15, 2013


12x16" oil on linen

Remember when you planned to study for a test and you blew it off until it was too late but told yourself... I got this! Well clearly, I ain't got this. I so should have started last week, I so could have had fun with this. But, I can go back to it when everything dries.

In case it's not obvious, this months' challenge subject was "rodents", chosen by group leader Diana. A fun one I think. These "mice" reside on one of my end tables, standing watch over a framed photo of Tim and I. I saw them in a Pottery Barn catalog as decoration for Halloween. I thought they were adorable and bought them for everyday use. I have no idea why they spend their day looking at a photo of us, but they haven't complained so far.

Also, I am a sucker for anything with feet—bowls, cups, creamers, condiment holders, pajamas. I saw these online and couldn't resist. I think they'll look better when their done. The reflections really aren't working yet. And, I finally decided to use a less toothy surface but wasn't all that thrilled with this linen. But, I didn't let the first layer dry before trying to finish up, so when I go back to it later I'll be able to tell.

And without further ado, more rodents...

Pink Squirrel
12x16" pastel
©Vicki Ross

Of Mice and Lego Men
5x7" oil on hardboard
©2013 Diana Moses Botkin 

and please welcome our newest member, the very talented Julie Ford Oliver...

Mr. Beaver at Home
6x8" oil on Ray Mar canvas board
© Julie Ford Oliver 2013


  1. SUz, I LOVE ... LOVE ... your mice!!!

  2. Your painting is wonderful. Love it!

  3. This is fantastic Suzanne!! The ceramic looks SO realistic...
    Beautiful work!!!!

  4. How fun that these mice were ready and willing to model for you! And those other little ceramic pieces are a hoot, too. I so love seeing what each member of our little group paints for the Moses Botkin Challenge. I was especially tickled this month when the different pieces were revealed.

  5. What a fun subject for the challenge! I love your painting! The little mice are so cute!

  6. Suze I LOVE this!!! Those mice are perfect!! I really do think it's beautiful. You SO got this my friend. I am not a fan of feet. I really love it. And the other entrants too!

  7. I want your mice! And the footed (feeted?)sugar and creamer. I can never find unique things like that here...grumble, grumble.

    An inspired choice and while it looks super to me, I know we artists have these niggling little details that we need to do before we're content.

    Mice guardians for your photo is perfect. :) Stay well my friend.

  8. Love your mice, too!! And those footed pieces - this is just too charming and fun :) The pink squirrel had me smiling, too.

  9. Who knew our Suz had a foot fetish? Hmmm??? LOL Love the whimsy of that footed bowl and I love that have that same whimsy in your decorating style. I think you did an awesome painting, Suz. Anyway, I have to say that I am uber intrigued by that martini style glass in Vicki's painting!

  10. You always think outside the box when it comes to these challenges Sue! I love your rodents! And those weird pots with feet made me laugh! :0)

  11. I can certainly understand why the rodent posse is transfixed with the footed bowl-things. I'm transfixed as well!
    Love the feet, love the mice, love the concept.

  12. Hi Suz
    Oh we love the miceys! They need some cheese to eat too!

  13. lol Can you see me shaking my head??? What am I looking at? I've never seen such dishes! Your true colors are beginning to show through in black and white... Love the humor and can't wait to see it all done! Paint on my friend.

  14. I admire your version of The Rodent Challenge. Really well painted and clever too. You can tell you had FUN!

  15. A brilliant twist on the idea of rodents. I love your mice and painting that bowl must have been no mean 'feet'. ;)

  16. How perfect is this?! Your handling and creative vision for the challenge is superb! Love em all :)

  17. Very pleasing shapes and interesting composition, Suzanne. I look forward to seeing the final version. I'm with you on the "footed" accessories, too much fun!

  18. complicated painting...and you did a great job of it (despite what you say). All of you did well with this challenge!

  19. So whimsical - I love the footed bowls as well and think the mice are just as fascinated with them as I am!

  20. Oh wow, this is so creative! I love all those feet on everything! This is so well done, congratulations!

  21. Love the feet and the mice.
    I always wait until the last minute..never met a deadline I couldn't put off ;)


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