Sunday, October 18, 2009



It's been one whole week of puppy love and each time I look at them my heart just melts. It's a strange feeling though, as Devlin is never far from my thoughts. I no longer feel like I'm being unfaithful to his memory, but I think of him and our relationship every single day.

That said, these two little cartoon characters, two little muppets, whose thinly veiled Ewok disguise hasn't got me fooled one bit by the way, have taken over our home and hearts completely. We happily surrendered, after very little fighting, to their every wish. I've tried, countless times, to set eyes on them, without experiencing an intense and sudden need to express a loud, heartfelt, and very gushy AWWWWWW!

If anything could take our minds off of missing Devlin without making the inevitable comparisons, it's these two. They appear to have come from central casting, two characters straight out of a Disney cartoon, with hastily planned sequels no less. When I'm trying to get some work done and I hear their little squeaks, or look to the left of my foot by my easel and see those two sets of saucer eyes set precariously far apart upon a snout that seems to have met head on, full speed with an unforgiving wall, the thought of limping (I twisted my knee by simply walking...hello) downstairs out into the cold rain to let them relieve themselves is pure heaven. Of course it's not nearly that simple, but it sure feels that way. And now, a very deep felt, happy, love-filled heavy sigh!


  1. These boys are so cute. I wish I could pets in the house but allergies prohibit this. Have fun with these darlings!

  2. I love the boys! I have two girl Pugs and they are such funny characters and souls. Your house will never be the same....

  3. Terribly, terribly cute, Suzanne!

    No, you are not being unfaithful to Devlin. If anything, you're honoring his memory and passing the intense love for him onto two new puppies that really need it.

    What a wonderful tribute IMHO!



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