Wednesday, October 21, 2009


pencil on paper

I'm down to posting once a week if I'm lucky! Himself has been ill and hasn't finished his painting so I lied again. We didn't post side by side yet, I cut him some slack. Until the end of the month. I haven't finished mine either. Can't use the pups as an excuse, work must go on. Just gotta be more disciplined....again.

I want to post at least five days a week. Yeah...I know... I've said that before.


  1. Suzanne, please don't beat yourself up over not posting. Life happens and if we're committed to our loved ones, or have work for clients that must be done, that's just the way it goes. Some weeks, or months are like that.

    I hope your Sweetie gets better soon. I recently read that Elderberries are a health goldmine. You can buy extracts at the health food store. It's supposed to shorten flu and cold duration. Worth a try, anyway.

    Fun drawing, BTW... makes me smile!

  2. What a great drawing! It makes me tickled just looking at it.
    I would agree with the Elderberry advise as well. You can find lozenges under the name 'Sambucol'. They make a sore throat go a way really quick and they taste good. Best of luck in your endeavors.

  3. How can one look at this drawing and not chuckle right along? The essence of the laughter oozes off the page. Tell himself to get better. Hugs, -Don

  4. Suzanne!

    What an expressive....expression!!

    So simple yet so powerful!


  5. I just had to smile when I saw this. Great expression!

  6. Amazing work... and yes... I smiled too!!

  7. This is a great one!
    I go through this weird psychological thing where all day long, while I'm doing my chores and whatnot, I am looking forward to painting. Finally, at the end of the day, I can get my hour or two. Then what do I do? Procrastinate and never end up going into the studio.


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