Friday, October 2, 2009



As I worked on our challenge today, the challenge himself and I set that is, Tim would step in when I took a break and take some snaps of my progress. Of course there was the usual, "Stop now! I'll buy it!" and " Leave the jacket unfinished, with the chalk line showing!" All good suggestions, but alas, his is due the 20th so he'll have an opportunity to do just that on his canvas. Still, he's got a point. I'm deeply moved by unfinished art and yet always feel I need to make neat, make nice. But perhaps in time that will come. I can see my style changing with each new painting.

I'm feeling free again. I suddenly realize I don't have to stop painting the paper studies altogether, I can simply wait until I'm moved to do so again. Same with the bugs. I can have casual relationships with my subject matter, don't have to marry and then divorce them.

My reference for this painting comes from a photo album I've had around the house for years. A friend, who I've since lost touch with, wanted me to do some paintings from some of his shots, mostly taken around NYC. He had an incredible eye and finding this album was like finding buried treasure. I hope to do many more from this book of gems, I'd forgotten he'd never taken it back.

It's going well and I might be done by Monday. We'll see. I thought I'd wait and post with Tim's but I'll probably do some work on it between now and then and re-post. I like the way he's grouped the shots, they make a nice graphic I think.



  1. Love the painting and the woman's expression you have caught so well, can't wait to see it finished

  2. Suzanne!

    I love the pink and black color combination here. It makes the painting come alive!


  3. Wonderful portrait. Those pink rollers give it some edge and a story. I know what you mean about the unfinished look and how it can really work for a piece. Gives it mystery.

    I like your philosophy about your subjects...not leaving them, but merely coming back to them when they are fresh again. Very good advice!

  4. Great post, Suz, and great work on the painting. I, too, like Tim's grouping. I really appreciate the close-up. I love seeing your brushwork. Isn't it great that we find ourselves growing with each piece?

  5. Wow! I've always loved your work! And everyone before me has said it so well, I can't think of anything to add. Best Wishes....


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