Thursday, October 15, 2009


That was a quick month! This month the topic of our challenge is water. My first chance to choose. I had so many ideas, water is pretty universal, but when I sat my huge honking bottle of H2O on my painting ledge and saw the sun shine through it, the choice was made for me. I thought if I carried around a gallon plus bottle, I'd drink my quota for the day. All that resulted in was a collection of half-finished gallons of warm water with lots of backwash. I'm back to smaller ones. Here they are!

Water Bottle
oil on canvas

20" x 16" (50.8cm x 40.7cm)
oil on canvas
$350 plus $15.95 shipping and handling in the US
E-mail me for International shipping rates or other inquiries.

Fish Tale oil on hardboard 8x6"
© 2009 Diana Moses Botkin

Sprinkler Park
11x6" oil on linen
© 2009 Robin Cheers

Ocean Waves
oil on canvas 18x24"
Marie Fox

Half Full
8x8" oil on board
Michael Naples

Cool, Cool Water
8x8" oil on panel
© 2009 Vicki Ross


  1. Hey Suzanne! I love your painting and I can see you put in lot of effort...Superb work again!

  2. Love how you have done the reflections Suzanne, I really like "Fish tail" too)

  3. You did a beautiful job on this Challenge, Suzanne. I would enjoy seeing your large painting in person some day. I love it that you made it big.

    How you found the time to paint something that large for the October Challenge is a wonder and an inspiration!

  4. Suzanne, your painting is gorgeous and I love your color decisions, it really sings. I also appreciated Robin Cheers park fountain painting. There is a kid's fountain in the park across the street from me here in Brooklyn, and Robin's painting puts across so well how much the kids love those fountains.

  5. These are all wonderful, Suzanne, but ( not to kiss up to you) I really think yours is a standout. You have handled the fragmentation of the water just couldn't have been done better. And your painting has lots of darks and lights, causing the eye to really examine the details. Another winner!

  6. Suzanne, another winner! So glad you joined us!

  7. What a great challenge! Marvelous to see the different ideas from each artist. Love your 'realistic abstraction' take.

  8. These are all great works. I really like how R described yours as 'realistic abstraction'. It's exactly what it is. And, well done, at that. It's so well rendered, as your work always is, but I think what makes it really good is that touch of green in the bottle complimenting the rest of the warm colors.

    Of the others, I'd say my favorite is "Cool, Cool Water". The way Vicki applied her paint and the colors she chose just make me smile.

  9. Megha, thank you so very much!

    Thanks Sam, I'll pass along the comment.

    Diana, thank you so much. You are so patient and kind, and I so appreciate your help and your kind comments. I made the painting larger because when I saw how the reference photo turned out I really wanted to get more detail. Plus, obviously, I've been accepted into a group of very gifted artists and really want to do a good job. Perhaps that's one of the reasons I have no time! :0)

    Mona, thank you! It's really a treat to see the varied interpretations isn't it?

    Deb, thank you so much, how kind of you to say so. I love seeing the different ways each artist answers the challenge. I love them all, and thank you so much for your words.

    Vicki, thank you! I absolutely love your answer to the challenge. Beautifully done!

    r garriott, thank you very much!

    Don, thanks so much my friend. you always see where i want to go even if i sometimes don't get there! and vicki's paint application really makes me think about breaking out the old palette knife, i agree.

  10. Suzanne!

    Man, this is really well done!

    You use color wisely and effectively. Intense but not over the top.

    I love the unique composition too!



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