Tuesday, October 6, 2009


oil on linen

Oh my did I have a time with this commission! Great story behind it but I'm not sure I'm at liberty to share. I hate when people say that. Anyway, I searched high and low for a nice smooth,small linen surface and ended up with nubblies and imperfections everywhere. The lettering has been the bain of my existence for weeks now. Plus the drying time was ridiculous!

Lessons learned: patiently look for the right support, use acrylic or add something to the oil to make it dry faster when doing a job with lettering. Arrrrgh!

Also, I was so busy working on our challenge here at home, I thought I had weeks until the next Moses Botkin Challenge. Not!


  1. This is beautiful, a bit of liquin would have done the trick!

  2. beautifully done anyway Suzanne. When I do fine detail I know it's a help to me if I go for panel instead of canvas, but I know sometimes there are reasons afloat to prefer the texture of canvas.

  3. You have lots of patience to make this...Such a neat painting.:) Well done!

    Graphite Pencil Sketch: University of Pune

  4. Wow!!!!! What a unique commission expertly executed Suzanne. I wonder if its a gift? Great job on persevering through the challenges. I love how pink curlers is coming along.

  5. Terrific work, Suz! The lettering is perfection and I know what a headache that can be. Your highlights are spot on. I know your client is thrilled with the results, although they'll never be able to appreciate what went into it.

  6. those moses-botkin challenges sneak up on me too! As for smooth surface, I have learned to LUV gessoed panels!

  7. Well you nailed this one! Fantastic! I am now very curious about the story behind it too... I always love when there is a story behind a painting. I'm snoopy that way I guess. :)

  8. Do tell, you little tease...

    Great job, as usual. Your work on the lettering is wonderfully done.

  9. Suzanne!

    This makes me want to eat a salad!


  10. Diana,thank you! I've ordered a vat of Liquin! I'm sometimes amazed at my thick headedness! Never occurred to me to investigate its existence! It really helped me out this weekend with two other pieces. Much appreciated!

    Mona, I've ordered some board, thank you so much. A tad embarrassed that such an obvious answer escaped me! Thanks!

    Megha, thank you so much! I wish I had used board and Liquin, but I've learned my lesson for the next time.

    Sheila, thanks so much! Yes it is a gift and the next time I'll know what to do. Some on the job training is needed obviously. Also, thank for your words on Pink Curlers. Himself still hasn't begun in earnest. We'll see. Take care and hugs.

    Gwen, thank you! I'm very insecure about the painting, your words help so much. I put my client through a lot with this, but I've also learned a lot, so it worked out. Thank you again!

    Vicki, thanks for the tip. I've placed my order and can't wait to try them out! As for the challenge, arrrrgh! It's so good for me though cuz I tend to be a tad lazy. Need to pick up the pace. I'm so looking forward to seeing what everyone does.

    Nicki, thank you so much! The story behind it isn't a great one, more mildly interesting. My client is giving it as a gift.

    Don, I will and thanks so much cuz I'm thinkin' my lettering sucks! :0)

    Dean, thanks! I ate a lot of salad when I was working on it.

  11. Great job. I am SO curious what kind of commission that could possibly have been!

    You might want to try painting on smooth panel next time.


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