Sunday, October 4, 2009


oil on canvas
in progress

This is as far as I can take it without some drying time involved. This is a great experience, sharing progress of the painting with himself, coupled with his own interpretation of the same image, the house is fairly alive with creativity! There's also the buzz of new babies bouncin' off the walls. I've been working upstairs for awhile, but will have to move downstairs so the I can keep their schedule solid which will speed up their potty training. So excited!

Thank you to all those who weighed in on Pink Curlers progress! Your words are very much appreciated and inspiring. I had a comment on Lemon Thru a Drinking Glass and it made me think. The comment stated that ..."I have so much trouble with glass...." So do I actually, at least when I think of what I'm painting as what it actually is, I bump up against my very own predetermined, self-inflicted limits which are, on the whole, completely untrue. I didn't paint glass. I painted a series of tonal values of varying temperatures arranged in a predetermined pattern by a light source or more simply stated, I painted what's behind the glass and then painted a lighter value of the that color coupled with with the bright highlights and tints of the glass itself. I think. You get my point.

I just stubbed my toe on the folds of the coat this morning. I always have such a hard time with folds, I thought. No, actually I don't. Not when I break them down to large shapes and then pick out some of the smaller shapes, paying careful attention to angles and temperature.

Himself is starting his canvas today! This is going to be fun! October 20th, I'll be posting both side by side. No pressure Northport!


  1. Hi Suzanne,

    Your last few posts are just mesmerizing. The lemon behind the glass is so ridiculously good I can hardly stand it! And your progression of pink curlers is fascinating to look at. Today's more finished example is prize-worthy. What competition can you enter it in? You would win hands down!

    I get excited every time I stop in to have a look at your blog. And congratulations on your two new little babies. Oh, they are so cute. They will bring so much joy to your home.


  2. Can't wait to see the two side by's hard to imagine a better interpretation than what you already have here. I'm sure Himself is saying that, also.

  3. Fantastic work, Suzanne. This composition is so moving. The background adds to the isolated haunted expression on the woman's face. Those pink curlers are so perfect. You continue to amaze me. Your work just gets better and better all the time!

  4. Suzanne!

    This is coming along nicely!

    I love the violet-colored background!


  5. Nicki, I cannot thank you enough for such kind and generous words! I appreciate them so very, very much! Wow, maybe I'll look around for a competition, thank you You are so kind. And thanks for the good wishes, the babies are so amazing. I haven't smiled this much is quite some time. Again your words mean a lot, thank you.

    Deb, thank you! Himself hasn't started yet, we'll see! I hope he dives in, it's been a while, he's so good I'm trying everything to get him back to the easel. thanks again.

    Gwen, you are so kind, thank you so very much. You are such an extraordinary talent, your comments mean a lot.

    Dean, thank you so much! I'm havin' a lot of fun with this one.


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