Tuesday, February 8, 2011

MALE 3 in progress

oil on canvas
in progress

Himself has decreed this painting finished. As usual, I disagree. So, I'm going to post it and then finish it and we'll see. It's not so much that I need to be right....I'll believe that if you will...it's more my never ending trek away from fear and toward that luminous lovely light at the end of that proverbial art tunnel I've longingly labeled spontaneity. What?

I want to think about each stroke of the brush and give it meaning. I find I'm still bringing brush to canvas, hoping what I leave there will work. Staying in the moment is very important. The more I stay in the moment while I work, the easier it will be to do that when I'm not. I'm going to pay attention to every stroke, every temperature change, every value change, and the shape of every shadow and highlight. Where am I rushing to?

I'm looking forward to finishing this.

I remember a long time ago, after trial husband left, deciding it would be an amazing adventure to be married to an artist. I can now say, unequivocally, I was soooo right. Tim's insight and support has been invaluable and it's time for a great big juicy thank you!  Despite all my whining and disagreeing, he's usually right about what I can't seem to see and I am beyond grateful for his input. And his presence. Happy Heart Day dude.


  1. Suzanne, I don't know what to say. Every time you post a painting, I have a sharp intake of breath. Each becomes my favorite, even when I get a new favorite, the previous one is still my favorite too.

    And now you're saying really nice stuff about himself. Bravo, girl!

  2. Suzanne, this is so beautifully painted! It has strong, direct strokes and wonderful use of colour. It is true, though, there is no harm and maybe a lot of benefit in slowing down to carefully consider each stroke before you place it, the colour, the value, the intensity and the right brush to use all take consideration. You are very talented.

  3. Oh Suzanne, I just read an old posting of yours and I'm afraid I have to admit it too... I am INCUREABLY addicted to SYTYCD (So You Think You Can Dance), too !!!I've gone to their show the 3 or 4 times that they have come to St. Louis... I still tap on Tuesdays, and love it so much... I was a zumba girl until I became a daily painter, and got bursitis, too ! ha ! Anyhoo. I loved what you had to say about putting the strokes on the canvas with deliberation and purpose, and I loved the part about marrying an artist !! you are indeed a lucky woman ! I always say I should have at least married a dancer, but alas I'm afraid I didn't even do that... I dreamed of being a June Taylor dancer when I was little ! ha ha ! also, your paintings are an inspiration !

  4. Wow, this is looking good! I almost agree with Tim...


  5. When I see a new follower on my blog it always makes me feel happy. Often (most of the time) I discover that their own talent is way ahead of mine and yours is no exception. When I came along here today, your art blew me away and the fact that someone so talented would find anything pleasing about my own art is a HUGE compliment. So, I have come along to say thank you and your work is simply astounding! :0)

  6. This is amazing, Suzanne! I am truly blown away. This man looks like he could walk right off of the canvas (and he is nice looking guy too). Gorgeous job on his hair, his eyes...well, everything!! I think it would be cool to be married to an artist myself! Seeing life through artist's eyes is just amazing and something I enjoy so much through blogging. By the way, my email address is LeavesOfCrimson@att.net.

  7. Dear Suzanne, another beautiful work, but i want to say something, i think the most strong aspect of your art, besides the wonderful technique and talent, is the sentiments, when i look at your works i strongly feel the sentiment even in still lives. Sometimes i see very beautiful paintings but they don't make me feel anything. But your paintings are unique...

  8. Dear Suzanne,

    Your work is Breathtaking! Your blog has a profound affect on me. To strive to do better and grow as an artist. It's such a wonderful lifelong journey. Thank you for sharing your talent.


  9. Spectacular!
    The hair , expression the feeling is so vivid.
    You keep striving and learning,, that is what is so cool about you.
    What you do - is prefect to me.... but you know yourself- that you want to touch the stars.
    I think you do

  10. Suz, so much of your work is spectacular that I almost feel I need a new word. There are two things I have established for myself that give me tremendous joy and I'll pass them along just in case they are of any benefit to you at all. First, fix, don't fidget. Second, allow Honey one day a week to be right, regardless. Life is grand. Cheers, Sandy

  11. Great looking painting Suzanne. I love the expression first of all, and the soft edges around his face. Don't know how you are going to improve this, but I'm sure you have some subtle changes in mind that will make it even more beautiful.

  12. After reading everybodies comments there isn't much left to say except you are an inspiration and an I love to visit your blog to see your newest masterpiece and I love the way and what you write, an art form in itself. 3 cheers for Suz!!

  13. thank you everyone for such incredibly kind and generous comments!! i am so grateful for your wonderful supportive words. they mean so much and inspire me on so many levels.


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