Sunday, May 15, 2011


16" x 20" (40.7cm x 50.8cm)
oil on canvas
$350 plus $25.95 shipping and handling in the US
E-mail me for International shipping rates or other inquiries.

Time again! I can't believe...never mind. It flies. So what. Anyway, it was my turn to choose a subject for this month. Not fun for me what with little suz chirpin away in my ear about subject choice. I wasn't as forthcoming as I should have been so when I saw Diana's email requesting a decision, I looked around, saw my camera sitting next to the computer and thought, why not!

When it came time to start the painting...last night...yes, late again...I thought I'd just set up my camera and shoot it from an extreme angle or positioned in some cool way. I actually had it in my hand when it dawned on me. Really Suzanne? How?

Nothing gets past me! So I dove into my reference archives and found this shot that I've been wanting to do. Clearly it's a quick study which himself is over the moon about. "No smoothing!" All night long, even before he drifted off..."Are you smoothing?" Woke up, groggy around 3AM and crackled...."no smoothing right?"

This time, I'm in full agreement, no smoothing! I want to try more quick oil studies but little suz is dead set against it. We'll see.

And with no further ado:

5x7”  oil on hardboard
© 2011 Diana Moses Botkin

“Bite Me!”
8x10”  oil on panel
© Vicki Ross

“Photo Play”
6x6” oil on canvas
©Ruth Andre

“Sure Shot”
5x7” oil on canvas
©Sharman Owings


  1. Wow! I love everything about, color composition every brushstroke.Brilliant.

  2. OMG I love the "Camera"! This painterly style is very different and full of motion and vibrancy. I could study those lovely fingers wrapped around that camera for hours. Bravo!

  3. This is a very fun painting and it looks fresh and alive with great brushwork.

  4. Just WOW Suzanne!... On'e eye is teasingly... but effectively jerked in so many directions with this one. Comin' at ya foreshortening... with subject gaze eyes left!... and a background that dazzles you with foot(brush)work action!

    Simply marvellous Suzanne!Great textures as well!!!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  5. What a talented group, you are! Love the position of "The Camera" and the way in which you defined the wrinkles and the reflections in your shoes. The textures and details are fabulous and what a "hot mama!" (hehehe)


  6. Doggone it, I guess I need someone to bug me every 15 minutes and remind me, "NO SMOOTHING"!!

    I love the fresh look of your painting and find it amazing that you pulled this off just last night.

    I hope you're getting some rest now.

  7. Suzanne (little suz) my arch-nemesis is VICTORIA. She nags me all the time...this is a rockin' painting! great job...

    I thought the same thing, how DO you think you're gonna capture a pic of your camera WITH YOUR CAMERA! Duh. born blonde :)

  8. These paintings are incredible!!

  9. Oh my gosh - What an amazing display of paintings!
    The top one is my absoloute favourite - I could list everything I love about it, but that would take me all day - It's easier to say that there is nothing that isn't completely brilliant!
    They are all inspiring! :0)

  10. You are the Master of Composition! Great job, and yeah, the shoes just get me!

  11. I can so see why your husband is over the moon about this one, Suz. It is a fabulous piece!! Looks like you and Diane had a similar thought process too!

  12. Your painting is a fantastic figure study. Beautiful. I can relate to the last minute thing. I'm awful that way.

  13. There's so much energy in this painting. Love it.

  14. I love this Suzanne. :) The post and the painting, you are just one awesome person you know that? ;)

    And I agree with himself, no smoothin!! I'm trying to do a bit more of that myself.

    And, I'm not so good at getting back to emails, but I just wanted you to know how much your notes make me smile. Thanks for being such a great friend. :)

  15. Wow!



    I'm speechless...


  16. Everybody loves this painting and you can add me to the list, I love your smooth paintings and this 'unsmooth' one shows that you have can paint a brilliant painting as loose as you like, love her boots!

  17. Wonderful works...!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Greetings from Bilbao.

  18. She is absolutely perfect, Suz! My favorite, (okay, it's tough picking a favorite part of this painting) is the composition. You have managed fantastic eye movement with the parts all perfectly situated. I also really enjoy the loose style. Congrats on an excellent piece.

  19. This is really wonderful Suzanne, it has such a fresh painterly look to it and I agree with the others, the composition is fabulous!

  20. OBviously, you work extremely well under pressure, Suzanne! So much to love about this painting...the loose strokes, the composition, the colors, the variety of textures, and that pose (one that only a skinny girl can strike, by the way!). Yep...all pure perfection!

  21. I love this! You really captured her manner and character so well. I love her hair and face, and the angle of her body is right on!! You did it again... success!

  22. great shot suzanne ... it's a fantastic painting all the variations of the challenge .

  23. i cannot thank everyone enough for these incredibly kind and generous comments!! you can imagine that himself is as happy as i am with each and every one. thank you so much for taking time to visit and leave your words, it means more than you can possible imagine to me!

  24. Just pulled this out at the last minute huh? GULP!! The unique and interesting pose, the pants, the shoes, the fingers, the hair, the background...everything about it is spell-binding.

  25. Oh my...STUNNING! I'm so in love with this painting! Get ready because I'm going to say "love" a lot here! Love the angle and style of the gorgeous figure. I also love the rough strokes on the background that give her a creative, Arty edge, particularly where light and dark collide. And the that one stronger black angle that anchors the subject. Also love the balance of the black boots and camera. Thanks ,Tim, for enforcing the "no smoothing" on this perfect Beauty!


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