Tuesday, November 15, 2011


16x20" oil on canvas $350


It's challenge time again! This month the choice was mine. I was stumped but finally settled on asking everyone to paint whatever they thought best represented "wisdom" to them. Then of course I didn't know what to paint. I'd taken this reference photo from the tube recently and thought that this gentleman's face was etched with, among other things, a definite indication of having gleaned some wisdom from his years on the planet.

I tried painting him with a minimum of strokes, keeping the paint thick on my brush and putting color in quickly. No smoothing here. Then something dawned on me. Remember that "Obvious List" I posted a few weeks ago? Well, I've got two more points to add. I've wanted, of late, to paint thickly. I thought, as I began this yesterday, it might be a good idea not to use the Liquin! Gee Suz...ya think?

And, if I wanted to use less brush strokes, it might work out if I....well...used less brush strokes!! Nothin' gets by me!

Also, while my grandfather looked nothing like this man, one always imagines one's grandparents to be wise. He never allowed us to call him Granpa, insisting on "Jo-Jo" instead. As I get older, even without the possibility of grandchildren, I now understand his wisdom in this request. Anway, I am reminded of something he was always repeating to us young ones whenever we appeared to be getting a tad too big for our britches. He would cock his head to the side, put is finger up and say..."Remember...just when you think you is....you ain't!" I think that was very wise advice indeed.

Please enjoy the groups interpretation of wisdom:
 Helping Hands

10x8 oil on panel
©2011 Robin Cheershttp://robincheers.blogspot.com/

"Morning Watch -The Innate Wisdom of Animals"
6x6 inches, oil on canvas
by Ruth Andre
"Seek and You Will Find"
Original oil on hardboard, 8"x6"
©2011 Diana Moses Botkin


  1. It's a wonderful painterly portrait, whoever this gentleman happens to be. He looks especially streetwise.

    And I totally relate to your grandfather's insistance to call him "JoJo". I am now "MiMi" to my grandgirl because "Gramma" sounds terribly old.

  2. Your Wisdom portrait is perfect and a real eye stopper. Wonderful painting.

  3. This painting is so incredibly beautiful, Suzanne!!!!...and your post is wonderful!

  4. Your portrait of this man is exquisite!! I love all the lines and colors in his skin. Just beautifully painted!

  5. Oh my gosh! We cannot believe how gorgeous this is! This is totally amazing.
    We also enjoyed the groups photos on wisdom.

  6. This is a great portrait, Suzanne.His eyes speak of years that have gone by, making him wiser!
    I loved Robin's interpretation,too.

  7. Love your intepretation of 'wisdom' his face does look as if he knows a great deal about life. I sometimes wish I could have got wise a lot earlier in life! It's funny when the obvious dawns and we can't imagine why it hasn't occured to us sooner.

  8. Wisdom indeed, Suz. This is one gorgeous portrait of this wise man. Love seeing everyone else's work too!

  9. That's an awesome portrait! wow! It certainly is the perfect painting to express 'wisdom'. You did an amazing job!

  10. Beautiful rich colours. I love all the skin tones - especially the lips. Wonderful. And the hat. I can feel the knit. And I like what o-Jo had to say : )

  11. Beautiful painting Suzanne. I would have been hard pressed to come up with a subject to paint. I like how everyone's ideas are so varied. Wisdom. Tricky one.

  12. Wonderful choice for Wisdom - he looks world-weary and has learned a lot; perhaps a bit of sadness in his eyes. A really beautiful portrait. I don't like "Grandma" either but haven't come up with anything else and with grands at 11 and 9, it's too late to change, I think.

  13. This painting is wonderful - you did it splendidly too without it being too soft or overworked, or too "wrinkly". Thanks for making us think this month!

  14. I adore this Suzanne. YOu are such a master of portraits. He really fits the word wisdom perfectly. :))) And your writing always makes me feel like I'm having a good chat with an old friend. You're awesome. *hugs*

  15. Suzanne, this is one amazing portrait, yes you certainly have captured wisdom in his eyes and total expression. Love the painting, love the post.

    All the best to you,

  16. Well, I love looking at the different 'takes' on wisdom! What a great topic! and I also think JoJo was very wise - because we've all watched people who think they 'is' (and we can see plain as anything that they 'ain't'...).
    Beautiful painting, Suz...

  17. Suzanne this is just amazing! How did you manage to take the photo without him noticing? His face really does look full of wisdom and wow - those eyes... I wonder what he is thinking?
    It's funny that just as I have discovered the advantages of using liquin, you have decided not to use it, lol! :0D


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