Thursday, December 15, 2011


Blue Ice  16x20"  oil on canvas $250


I can not wrap the little gray cells around the fact that it's that time again let alone that Christmas is less that 2 weeks away.

This month's theme, given to us by Vicki, was to paint whatever we wanted as long as it was blue. A wonderful challenge! I took my favorite Hallmark tissue paper, scrunched it all up and took a reference shot of it sitting on the dining room table with the sunlight and shadow of sliding doors adding to the composition. Looks a bit like a small prehistoric critter or that strange wormy dude from an old X Files episode though.


Windy Beach
12x9" oil on panel
©Robin Cheers

4x4" silverpoint and oil on gessoboard
©2011 Vicki Ross

Malibu Blue
4x8.75" oil on canvas
©2011 Ruth Andre

Holiday Blues
5x7"  oil on hardboard
©2011 Diana Moses Botkin


  1. I love that crinkled paper idea you came up with. It looks so interesting and the blue color is absolutely stunning.

  2. Suzanne, You always come through with a grand painting. Love this one!

  3. Well, blues are my favorites of all things and you've all done some beautiful blues here - I love it when an artist takes a regular old thing and makes it something special, as you did with the paper. The play of the warm wood against the icy cool blue works so well :) Happy Holidays - they are here!

  4. A simple idea so brilliantly executed it becomes something special. Excellent work, as always. ;-)

  5. LOVE it Suzanne. Just absolutely amazing that a crumpled up piece of tissue paper can be so beautiful and exciting! :)

  6. Another beautiful piece Suzanne. I love how the warm woods complement the blues paper. The detail of all those folds... WOW!

  7. Thank you Suzanne for sharing. Beautiful, every one!

  8. Hi Suz
    How can you paint crumpled tissue paper and make it looks so real? You are amazing!
    My moms said it would be almost impossible!
    You did not pick an easy choice- WOW!!
    You made the tissue paper look so real and beautiful!
    Is there anything that you cannot paint? We don't think so!

  9. Amazing, Suz!! I noticed immediately the perspective; it is perfection. I then noticed the grain of the table - awesome how you've achieved that. Of course, I next noticed the shadows and how they fall - you are a master! At last, I marveled on those crinkles! You truly amaze. Everyone else's submissions are gorgeous too!

  10. Amazing! I really don't think I would have such patience to paint a screwed up piece of paper. How on earth is it that you manage to make such an ordinary subject look so extraodinary???

  11. so glad 'lil Suz still comes out to play with us every month! I love your spin on things...

  12. Suzanne, that's a jaw dropping painting!
    Merry Christmas!

  13. I can not wrap the little gray cells around the fact that it's that time again let alone that Christmas is less that 2 weeks away.
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