Thursday, January 12, 2012


LITTLE WRINKLES 1   5x7" oil on linen $85.00

LITTLE WRINKLES 2   5x7" oil on linen $85.00

LITTLE WRINKLES 3   5x7" oil on linen $85.00

or purchase LITTLE WRINKLES TRIPTYCH for $225.00

These took longer than expected. I find them relaxing so I decided to try a series of three smaller versions. With a virtual stockpile of smaller canvases, triptychs are definitely in my future. Still making what seems like daily visits to the dentist's chair. Root canal isn't nearly as much fun as I remember. The upside is that chewing isn't at all what it used to be—at least until he's all done—so I no longer feel like I'm pushing maximum density.

I've got three commissions going, a challenge painting due, graphic design work and some projects I'm looking forward to working on, so the new year has gotten off to a great start. I'm maintaining a positive attitude and not allowing more than one heavy sigh per three hour period so things seem to be moving along well. Don't want to declare myself emotionally grounded just yet because there might be a reaction, but the self imposed darkness is being kept at bay.

My newest wrinkle, pun definitely intended, is studio envy. I've seen some really amazing spaces in magazines and online and I've become acutely aware of the fact that I'm now inhabiting all of the bedrooms in the house, including the one we sleep in, and the den with my work and supplies. I'm dreaming of a larger space, designated just for painting. I imagine himself wouldn't mind that either!

I haven't gotten a chance to personally thank everyone who stopped by and left a comment on Pug Mug 1 and I do apologize. I think, for the time being at least, that would be best accomplished here until I catch up so thank you! Your comments mean so much.

And, thanks a lot for stopping by!


  1. Nobody does folds like you Suzanne. These are just so beautiful. And you know, they have a very relaxing vibe about them, must have been all that relaxing energy you felt while painting them. It's always such a joy to see your work Suze, I look forward to every post. :)))

  2. I'm with Crystal. You are the master of wrinkles and folds!
    Looking closely I can see lots of tiny brush strokes and each of them counts. They are amazing!
    I do my art in the converted summer-house at the bottom of the garden. I can splatter paint up the walls and make a proper mess and it really doesn't matter! I just wish I could paint every day like you can.
    It sounds like you are having a super start to the year and I love how your positivity rubs off. I need to hear things like that because it really does help. So, I am thinking positive thoughts for nice things to come....

  3. I love the way you paint cloth. It's soft folds are so interesting.

  4. You do know how to have fun ... all this painting AND Root Canal work. Lucky you. If I may be so bold as to make a suggestion with regards to these latest paintings, if you'd have done your ironing first these would have been much easier to paint.
    Outstanding work as always. ;-)

  5. Smooth yet not blended. Loose but very descriptive. Beautiful work Suzanne.
    I just cleaned my office/studio...yay does feel great. I'm afraid to venture ouside those walls, although I do a lot of panel prep work, frames etc. out in my garage.

  6. This series of "Little Wrinkles" are little gems Suzanne. I particularly like the bottom one that I can see very subtle shifts of color. Bravo girl!!

  7. Hi Suz
    I agree with Crystal- your wrikles look so relaxing! I can smell their freshness. I know you just got them off the clothes line before the cloud burst happened - right?
    They are soo beautiful and you are so amazing.
    I hope your root canal issues get all done. Mommy had two last year and she said - no fun!

  8. Hey Suz...I just love the way you write. Methinks you need your own attic or basement studio space. Or maybe you can have the garage? Anyway, so happy to hear that the sighs are limited to one every three hours. I sigh much more often than that. Love the gorgeous silky blue of these sheets and find myself wanting to crawl right in and go to sleep for days!

  9. I don't want to repeat are the master of folds in material...So realistic and perfectly painted!!! This is awesome, Suzanne!!!

  10. Your work never fails to amaze...hope, you have a great year!

  11. You must be the queen of wrinkles and folds! you paint them so masterly, I know how difficult they are, so easy to get lost in those folds, but seem to be a doddle for you.

  12. Love the wrinkles, Suzanne... you sure do them well. It's interesting that you say painting them is relaxing. How great is that?! Fun and stress-relieving too... and you have something beautiful after the effort is finished. Good going, Gal!

    Oh.. and I so identify with the need for a big studio space. I've been getting by myself with a corner of the bedroom plus another space for file cabinets and computer stuff. Yes, and paintings everywhere, frames and supplies everywhere, props and books everywhere, etc. What my family has to put up with!


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