Monday, July 29, 2013


20x20" oil on linen

Meet Zhen-Zhen! She's a Chinese Crested and a donation portrait. This is my first dance with this breed and did I have a field day with her flowing locks! And the bi-colored eyes! Shades of David Bowie! I thought I'd have trouble with her but a pooch is a pooch and I dearly love all pooches so once I got going I had a great time. I hope her pet parents are pleased.

Also, I thought I'd post a scale example of the as yet unfinished "Sparrow's Ass" or the asparagus as they are identified by most normal folk. I found that the paints don't last more than a month and a half in the freezer so when I get back on this I'll have to remix, which might be a good thing, we'll see.

Okay, I'll admit that I can't think of a clever way to segue into a Tim tale so I'll just dive right in if you don't mind.

A few months ago I received an email from a friend of Tim's who is a member of the band "Blow Up Hollywood." They're on Wikipedia! Anyway, Steve, Tim's friend was so very caring when Tim first left and called to check up on me periodically to see how I was doing which I really appreciated.

The email offered band merchandise and an opportunity to support them in their efforts. He was really kind and explained that if I wasn't interested he would certainly understand. I made a mental note (not a good idea for me) to indeed log on and make a donation but, unfortunately, all but forgot about it until...

About 2 weeks later I was sitting in the back yard and suddenly the email popped into my head and I felt compelled to go to the computer and do as I'd promised. I found the email, clicked on the link and took the appropriate steps.

Later that day I received an email from Steve thanking me for my donation and asking how I was doing. He then went on to say that something strange had occurred and he had no idea what to make of it.

He went on to explain that the night before he had been dreaming about something completely unrelated when suddenly Tim appeared out of nowhere in his dream! He said it was vivid and Tim looked great and was happy and they had a nice chat but avoided any reference to his passing. When he woke up and remembered seeing Tim he was surprised as he hadn't thought about his friend in a while but didn't think anything of it until...

he logged on and saw a donation had been made in Tim Berry's name! A coincidence? I think not! You can imagine how good this "sighting" and coinciding donation made me feel. You are too cool Berry!

Thanks so much for dropping by, I so appreciate your comments, thoughts and support. Happy creating!


  1. Wow, that's so crazy Suzanne. How cool is that?! I love it when little serendipitous moments happen like that - they are the cherry on the top of the ice-cream of my life. =) Thank you for sharing such a sweet little moment with us. And your paintings are amazing! I love seeing the asparagus in perspective with it's actual size - it has even more presence than I pictured at fist, which makes me like it even more! And the little pooch is a doll! The way you captured it's spunk and flowing hair are sure to touch the heart strings of it's parents. It's really quite adorable and I wish I knew how you got such rich and creamy effects as you do with your paints - it's such a mystery to me. Take care my friend! And great job getting all your work done lately - you're definitely on a roll right now! Keep it up! =D

  2. Wow, you've really captured Zhen-Zhen's energy, so alive and spunky, wonderful! Love seeing the scale of your paintings and hearing Tim tales.

  3. Love-Love the pooch. You amaze me sometimes.

  4. Tim is definitely making his presence felt! What a lovely thing to have happened!
    I can't get over the size of your paintings - I had no idea!!! And I'm astounded by the dog - I'm sure I could count every hair on him!! I don't know how you do it, but one day I want you to show me!! Am in awe! :0)

  5. Oh Zhen Zhen is beautiful, Suz! I don't think you could fail at any painting you put your hands too. Love hearing of Tim and how he makes himself known. Wish I'd known both of you in the real world myself.

  6. Beautiful hair on your little Zhen Zhen! It shows you had fun painting it. I love the purple touches that carry my eye around. Also looking forward to seeing your sparrow asses completed. Your Tim story was just as precious the second time around. It's nice you're feeling comfortable sharing it with everyone. I still get goosebumps about it. I think it's great Tim connects with you in so many different ways. Have a great day!

  7. Zhen-Zhen is definitely a keeper and so beautifully painted, Suzanne!! The asparagus is absolutely amazing and shocked to see the size of the have SO much patience!! and of course, your story of Tim was wonderful...goosebumps is the word!!!

  8. Zhen-Zhen is great! I'm convinced you don't paint with paint with yarn and fur and hair, etc!
    The asparagus? Another stunning piece.
    Shine on!

  9. Love little Zhen-Zhen with the gorgeous face and the asparagus is cool too!!!

  10. Zhen Zhen looks as though he's ready to speak some happy words of wisdom. The asparagus is awesome, and the Tim story made me feel so good!

  11. I love these stories, and love the paintings -- the dog and asparagus. I love the power of love, and the power of your love for Tim, and his for you.

    Amazing, and yet exactly right.

    XOXO Barbara

  12. I love Zhen-Zhen and her portrait too! Sparrow's Ass is a committed title by virtue of the fact I will never be able to think of any other when I see it, but it will be another large masterwork, I'm certain.

    Very wonderful story about the donation and Tim's appearance in a dream!!

  13. wow! the pooch portrait is awesome! I bet Zhen Zhen's 'parents' are bowled over. I am! And it is fun to see the size of the Sparrow's Ass painting (that title just cracks me up). I think I am safe in saying all of us 'out here' in cyberspace appreciate your Tim stories. Who isn't heartened to learn that those who go before us... are right here in the light right beside us! :)

  14. Oh my gosh! Little Zhen-Zhen's portrait is amazing! You caputured the spirit in those eyes!
    Each strand of hair is so perfect- we want to touch and feel and have little Zhen-Zhen come running to us!
    And we are a believer Suz-- Angel Tim is there and here- and making so many people feel good.

  15. Okay, that gave me chills. In a good way. ((hugs))
    The dog painting is spectacular but I really have a thing for that asparagus painting! I was going to write you and ask for an update but didn't want to be pushy! lol I can't wait till you finish it. I also really like how you're showing scale.
    Much admiration,

  16. The pooch is awesome and what a tale of coincidences, or not!

  17. I would trade you my entire collection of paintings for "Sparrow's Ass". Please send it to me immediately. :)

  18. The dog is remarkable, so cute and alive...and then I saw "Sparrow's Ass) and REALLY fell in love! Suzanne I truely hope you are selling as much as you can paint, because your work is spectacular!

    Still have goose bumps from the Tim story!

  19. What lovely paintings, both the pooch and the asparagus! Also such a nice story about the dream and the donation. I do believe that those who have passed are somehow able to reach out to us in our subconcious when we're in a dream state, and this is yet another example of that.

  20. zhen zhen painting is awesome. And of course love love the sparrows ass. :))

  21. That is one adorable, lively and energetic painting! I do believe that Zhen-Zhen's parents will be ecstatic and, at 20 x 20, it will make quite a brilliant statement in their home! Suzanne Berry, you rock!

  22. Thank you for sharing your life and your art, Suzanne. That dog is absolutely charming. And the monumental asparagus looks quite fabulous. Wow.


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