Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Tim at his desk. Circa 1995 

I sat one cubicle away. We were graphic designers in the marketing department of the local newspaper. The headphones saved our sanity. We were able to get lost in music while toiling away each day. The job was difficult and fast paced, the managers hot tempered and oppressive, but we had a ball. Not complaining...yes you are...okay maybe a little...but that said, it was a great job, we both learned so much and were lucky to have it...and each other.

Being there with him, having the emotional support of your very best friend in the world who wasn't the least bit shy about telling you when he thought you were wrong and could calm you down when your emotions or ego got the best of you. We were together twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and never wanted it to end.  I so miss those days.

Today, October 1st, is Timothy Francis Berry's 47th birthday! If someone had told me he wouldn't be here to share it with me I would have laughed in their face. And rightly so. Because he is here to share it with me. I just can't see him. But I'm getting used to that.

I found this somewhere. It was written by Bob Marley. I thought it perfectly described this incredible man. That he came into my life and loves me is the greatest gift I have ever received and I will be eternally grateful for it and him. And since he has made it clear that he's more than a tad uncomfortable with me doing yet another portrait of him, I thought his b-day was the perfect occasion to share what I believe conveys exactly what he means to me now and forever.

It took me a while, but I have finally come to realize, that death is no match for the bond we share.



  1. He was such a handsome man and you were both so lucky to have had each other!
    He's in your heart now and thank God for those amazing memories! Thinking of you, my friend!!!

  2. How fortunate you are Suzanne! Your heart is bursting with love.

  3. Suz, the quote is simply so beautiful, so perfect. You had, and have, such a rare and wonderful relationship with Tim.
    Love ya, Gunk
    BIG HUG ... Kath

  4. Ah, you've gone and made me cry again. That was beautiful and moving.

  5. And we wish angel Tim Happy Birthday too,,,
    Thank you Suz for sharing Time with us,,, and we thank him for every little touch he gives to you and all of us.
    The quote is so you and angel Tim,, it so beautiful.

  6. Peace be with "You" Suz... on this special day in your life! Death cannot be proud on this day... for your beautiful spirit... bolstered by your deeply-held spiritual beliefs and Hope overturns any hope of victory by the Darkness of death!


    Rich Blessings... and a Hug!

  7. Such a beautiful tribute for your love. Happy Birthday, Tim!

  8. He's a gorgeous man, Suz. You were both very blessed with each other. Some of us go our whole lives and never find that. Happy birthday, Tim!

  9. Beautifully written by both you and Bob... Life is so unpredictable isn't it? You are right to embrace the good things and make that your focus :0)

  10. The Bob Marley essay is really great. (It made me wonder who was that person who inspired this for Bob Marley?) Every time I read about Tim I think about how I seem to "know" him because of your writing. It's astonishing how you bring him to life and describe him. Happy Birthday in Heaven, Tim....(or in Suzanne's front room...wherever you are at the moment). Thanks for being such a truly wonderful person. We all can't help but like everything about you.

  11. Beautiful post Suzanne - hugs and love to you and happy birthday Tim.

  12. I never come to your blog that I don't find inspiration in your words, and so it is again today. Beautiful post Suzanne. ;-)

  13. Beautiful lines, Suzanne.It has been a while since I visited.I hope you are getting on well.Take care!

  14. What a beautiful post Suzanne.Bob Marley's words are perfect. Funny enough I am Legend was on tv last night and it made me want to listen to Bob Marley and then i go to Blog Lovin to do some catch up reading and there's this wonderful post. My heart aches for you losing your soul mate far too soon but it's so comforting that Tim is still a constant presence in your life in so many ways. X

  15. Suzanne, thinking of you and the incredible love the two of you shared.

    Big hugs,

  16. Many people know love, but how many know the uniqueness of the special bond you both shared. It has continued in his passing as strongly as in life. Bob Marly has done a marvelous job with the words you shared. Thank you.

  17. I truly believe as you do, Suzanne, that those we love are there. They're like a ship that sails over the horizon...we cannot see it from shore, but yet it's there sailing onward. Marley's piece is so beautiful. I am happy that you found that kind of love in your lifetime.


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