Tuesday, May 26, 2015


8x8" oil on canvas

Still working and having a good time! And right now, that's all that counts. I'm stayin' out of my head and taking note that when I listen to the ego shrieking I cannot be concentrating on what I'm doing! That right there is 90% of the problem I think. I've literally begun talking myself through each stroke and next step. It's interesting and keeps me focused on what I'm doing, not what I think about it. Nice.

It's nothing short of dee-lightful to look out of the studio window and see leaves on the trees, hear the birds singing, the sprinklers going. Gotta be the spring!

Anyway, had a commission to do of a pup and although I found the reference wasn't optimal I think it came out okay. It did give me a chance to dust off my artistic license though. Imagine my surprise... it hadn't expired!

This is Moe. I hope the giftee was pleased.

I am excited about what's on the easel next. I am a devout lover of shellfish, especially steamers. When I bought some the other day, I noticed, as they sat patiently in the sink awaiting a good rinse, that there were some incredible colors and shapes going on so I snapped a few and have one in mind to begin tomorrow.

Sure feels good. I'm grateful but with all my spouting about "my thoughts creating my experience" —apparently the lull is all my doing. Gee Suz...ya think? But, see... therein lies the rub. Does one go all military on oneself, attempting to force creativity or does one wait out the drought—accept what is and wait patiently and optimistically until it's over? Probably no hard rule to that. Depends on the individual. I'm not the least bit disciplined so I would think it's rather easy for 'lil suz to give in and grab the remote more often than not. Still.


Anyway, I need to say this. I am more in love with Timothy Francis Berry than I was yesterday or the day before and I haven't laid eyes on the man in 3 years, 3 months and 3 days. He continues to make his presence known in the most surprising and clever ways. I am so very fortunate!

Thanks so much for dropping by, it means a lot!


  1. These green apples are good enough to eat, Suzanne! Beautifully painted! I can see that your license didn't expire....Moe is perfect! As far as Timothy... Yes, youre fortunate that he still makes his presence known! It's hard to believe that 3 years have passed by already! I look forward to seeing your next piece!!

  2. Yay for painting and yay for being in love. Thinking of you always...

  3. Gosh Suz, the green apples look perfectly biteable!!!! Yum! Good job,,
    And Moe !! What a beautiful expression
    Were glad spring is here tooo,,, and Tim would say he loves you that much too!

  4. Some people go a lifetime never finding the love you found with your Tim. I am one such person. I am so happy for your time together and so glad that it continues even now. The apples are beautiful, as is Moe. Lucky giftee indeed! And Suz, I think you are in your head as much as I am in mine! LoL

  5. I love to read you are excited about what's next! It's all just a journey, isn't it?

  6. You know... not only does your artistic license not expire... you can UPGRADE it to a more powerful one when you need it!

  7. Thanks for these good thoughts, dear Suzanne. Your honesty with yourself and your audience is truly inspiring. As is your work, which continues to be beautiful, and growing.

    And yes, that lack of motivation and feeling for painting is sometimes a problem for me. Just working through the "what's the point" downs and lows usually gets me to the other side where there is some interest and joy in the work. Except for some pieces (a few commissions come to mind) with bad references or other problems. Those feel like trying to walk waist deep in mud.

  8. Wonderful painting. Beautifully painted cast shadows to drool over.
    I enjoy seeing an artist successfully breaking the so called "rules" - in this case having odd numbers only. Where these rules come from I have no idea, but another one is not to put it in the middle. Art is full of "in the middle" beauties.
    Love your design. Close up but with that feeling of distance by the clever placement of the back one.
    Regarding creativity. Personally, I can't force it. Wish I could. I am just emerging from a hard emotionl year of where my focus was on making myself keep up with the discipline of painting, but when I look back I see creativity was on vacation. I am beginning to feel the stirrings of it again.
    "Nature does not know extinction... All it knows is transformation. " Warner von Braun.
    Tim has definitely not gone. Just transformed.

  9. Your apples are divine - they just GLOW!!

    Your words about ignoring the ego, and just focusing on the joy of creating struck home. Thank you for that, Suz. I am going to head off and paint, and simply enjoy each stroke :)

    The Gunk

  10. Suzanne, thank you for visiting my blog and kind words :)
    I do read your blog for many years now, in silence, but English second language...you know...the wall. anyway I'm happy to see you doing ok. love the green delicious. can wait to see another painting of yours and read whats up.


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