Friday, June 1, 2018


18x24" on heavyweight canvas



  1. Wow! SO beautiful Suzanne! Very realistic!

  2. Good morning Suz!.... SOOOO Allison! Her curiosity and serious "old spirit" at work... even at that very early stage in her life.

    The entirely blank white backdrop simply amplifies her ability to meditate... day dream... call it what you will... drop out of the monotony of real life's distractions.

    Amazing portrait Suz - We love it! Thank you for your generous gift!

    Bruce and family

  3. Stunning!! I was looking at this trying to puzzle out what was 'different' about it from the run of the mill portraits we see and then I looked down at the comments and see that Bruce has nailed it. I love the use of a completely blank background. Inspirational. Love it!!

  4. Suzanne, you are very sweet, kind and talented. Your paintings are magical.

  5. I love your paintings, but I miss your words... ❤

  6. How beautiful. I love your work. What a lucky little girl having you paint her twice. I love her expression, her pose, everything.

    XOXOXOXOXO Barbara

  7. She just pops out on the white background, great choice and a beautiful portrait, Suzanne.

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