Sunday, August 23, 2009


oil on canvas

Posts ago I went on about how one must work in order to stumble upon "concepts that ignite and excite," as they used to say in the corporate world. Apparently, I forgot. Thank you for the positive feedback on Today's Concept. Proof perfect. I worked. A concept appeared. Who knew?

I feel better now. I so enjoy the bugs, but I don't want them to get thin. I'm excited about a new series of scrunched up paper! Most representational artists go through the paper phase at one time or another. Might as well get mine done now. They're fun and a perfect shapes, values, color-temp type exercise for me. I'm beginning one on a 20x20" linen surface tomorrow, playing cool against warm, using different colors. I guess this is how it works! One works. A concept appears. It's fun. I like it.

I thought a warm color might be a nice challenge. The surface the paper is resting on is a window seat where I rest my paints, brushes and other implements of creation, which would explain the flecks of color that I hope break up the preponderance of warmth.

I feel good today.


  1. I'm glad it's fun for you again... I like the warm colors, and yes, the cool-colored paint splotches break it up nicely. Another nice job.

  2. I'm glad you feel good and this is a fantastic painting!!

  3. I absolutely love this, Suzanne! The warmth, particularly that hot rusty red and the glowing golds, is so energetic. The dabs of blue and white paint scattered at random add a nice interest and keep the eye going back and forth to the subject. Really fun! So glad you've found your muse for now and that you are enjoying the journey. I'm looking forward to seeing where it takes you. Paint On, Sista, Paint On.

  4. Stumble, slide whatever it takes to stay inspired, right!? I like this one too, your paintings are so memorable & distinctive and that will always be in your favor!!

  5. Isn't it fun when something (seemingly)so simple as a crunched up piece of paper turns out so well? Good idea, good painting, and more to come I bet.
    Not to worry, I expect a bug will come up for air sometime in the future.


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