Monday, August 10, 2009


Thank you to everyone who wrote such kind and wonderful thoughts about our perfect puppy! You'll never know how much they've helped! And Chris, I couldn't find your email address to thank you directly, so I hope you don't mind me thanking you publicly. Your thoughts were so wonderful. Thank you.


  1. I loved your story about ARFOD and running out of gas, and your latest painting is one of my favorites--great colors and combinations. Agree with Tracey too, you are a great writer.

  2. Hi Suzanne. Thanks for the posting and it's ironic that today is exactly a year ago that we lost Keila. I did have my cry for the day and I miss her presence constantly. We have another dog, Toby and am so thankful we have another fur baby to love. By the way, I love your paintings and agree with Mona that you have a wonderful talent for writing also. I laughed out loud as I was reading your stories. My email address is
    Hang in there. Chris


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